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the transitions are fantastic & the audio clips really add to it. the bit where you walk into the office and hope nobody sings to you was really well-done, i felt genuinely tense walking through that room in case someone jump-scared me with a happy birthday wish. really good stuff

thanks!! glad u liked the bitsy avatars bit, it was fun to play around with that

thanks! :-)

oh amazing!! weird coincidence ha ha. thanks, i was so happy with how the phone bits turned out

thanks! i'm glad, i really love trespasser's vibe. i'm glad that i captured some of it

haha thank you!!

lmao very good


glad it spoke to you! thanks for playing 🙂

there's nothing else to shoot, but if you don't pick up the gun you can die to a dinosaur! thabks for playing, appreciate the kind words 😊

thanks Emma!! :-)

thanks em 😊

glad you liked it!! 🙂

yeah, definitely, it's frustrating. glad this spoke to you! 

thanks! :-)

aha glad u liked it!! thanks!

this actually happened to a friend of mine

thank you! :-)

extremely clever use of shaders as always. cute story & story structure too! good job

thanks! 😊

thanks! glad you enjoyed it :-)


beautiful art and writing! reminds me of this comic by Lynda Barry

yeah, i don't think it's a lot of people, i think the clint thing is just a small example of a larger problem of people make assumptions about people based on how they look. it was something that made me feel weird when i saw it, so i used the clint thing as just a way to make the game more personal to me.

oh love this door

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fan threads pop up every so often on reddit, stuff like this:

(googling "clint stardew nice guy" should turn up more of these threads) 

and what i'm saying in my game here is that this hatred is driven at least partially by how he looks. (that second thread i link calls him a "fat neck bearded son of a bitch".) i think that the way he looks causes people to make nastier assumptions about him and what he says, and i think it's unfair and gross 

hey, really glad you enjoyed this! yeah, i don't think anyone intentionally meant any harm, but i'd love to see people break out of this subconscious association of fatness with creepiness. i appreciate your comment! thanks :-)

thank you! ☺️

thanks! glad you enjoyed it

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thanks for playing! <3

thanks for writing this! i'm always happy to hear from other ppl who like clint :-)

i enjoyed this! lists & opinions r overwhelming. also i was playing the thps1+2 remake earlier tonight. 

thanks!! i appreciate that

it is!!

heyo! i used the character portrait hacks here: and here:

it takes any image and just draws it over the bitsy canvas

oh definitely, i loved him too! he's not really characterized like that at all, i think people just make a ton of assumptions about him based on some throwaway dialogue

thanks for playing it!

cheers, thanks!