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thanks :-) i love that vid

this hits home. i like the graphics n layout a lot

thank you! :-)

his is good as fuck and it hits home. also really well put together. good job dude 

the HD hack really makes the art pop! i love that vista of the town on the cliff. lookin forward to the finished product.

thank you onion!!! im glad i could tickle ur fancy :-)

thank you! 😊

oh, there isn't a way to actually get the target, sorry. it's a linear narrative

thanks!! glad you liked it :-) 

thanks nina!! 

AHHH THANK YOU!! and i'm glad you noticed that ha ha... i was considering putting in different responses depending on whether you were dressed or not, but with all of the species onboard, i doubt anyone knows whether you should be wearing clothes or not! :-)


oh, i didn't know what you mean! click "run mission" and then use the arrow keys. walk into things that look interesting to see if they trigger dialogue

i dont know!! 



thank you onion!!

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the graphics look impeccable and the atmsophere and writing are perfect. amazing job!



thank you!! :-) 

thank u!!

i love this

thank you! glad you liked it :-)

thank u! glad u liked it :-D

thank you so much! glad you liked it :-)

thank you onion!!

sean stop

thanks, i hate it

i love the interface & storytelling!

thank you! this means a lot


thanks!! :-)

thank you! glad you liked it :-)

thank you!! :-)

thanks for the kind words! i ran into a bit of an issue getting the game to end: the idea was to go back through the portal when you collected all the faffins, but you can't dynamically add endings into scenes. so i had to use a hack to change some exits in the second room, so they would take you to a version of the first room with the ending tile. that only works of course if you go into the second room after collecting everything, and then try to go back to the first room. i was hoping to make it more seamless but i ran out of time and didn't want to hack it too much. 

thank you! :-)

oh i liked this! great aesthetic. the god face and cannon were striking

the art is gorgeous, and i love the way you've used panels and pages to tell the story. really great work

this is really nice! the titled screen, moving the phone, the dialogue and animation hacks, it's a very clever and tight game. i liked it a lot. i hope casey and the detective meet up.