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thanks for playing!

thank you!!


thank you!!



thank u! glad u liked it


my lover Gonk :-(


love the storytelling

mindblowingly great presentation, the sounds & transitions were frenetic. love the lore

great concept, good use of battles/items! den rules

clever puzzles, gorgeous art!

i got lost. goty

cool vibe. gay yearning

very cool vibes

nice pulp novel feel, good graphics

good game this is


cute! great storytelling

perfect atmosphere, great music

delicious, poetic prose

great writing!! evocative af



thanks dino! :-)

it's ok! they planned for it to happen!!

really great series!! great job all of u

i got the one where u just leave the maze and write ur fic... and i never beat the maze but i assumed it was like... impossible to leave lol.

lovely little poem

lol, good idea and execution. and the itch page looks great too!

the writing & art are really tight. i like the way the halls change & the snow animation is great

oh wow i love this! thanks so much for making this. i loved the writing, particularly the descriptions of the jars and the big body. i like that the blue colour of the sprites ends up being part of the reality of the game. cool stuff!

i'm glad you enjoyed it! always nice to hear that someone else feels the same way

thanks! glad you liked it :-)

thabk you so much for playing and commenting! i appreciate your thoughts here.

this is awesome & a lot of fun to play around with! i love the different environments.

tech note: it works fine for me in browser, but i tried to run it in the itch app and it stuck on the loading screen. (the window is also called "p5.js example".) not sure if this is something you can fix or if it's just something with the itch app, but wanted to mention it in case. great job on everything though!!

haha yeah, there's a hack that lets you add images and gifs into bitsy. glad u liked it, thanks for playing!