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thanks for playing!! :-)

thank you so much! :-)

thanks so much!! good for u trying to find all the endings :-)

thanks onion!! haha i would have loved to keep it chill but i had to come up with a way for it to end. glad u liked it :-)

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thanks!! its all about the swords

thanks! :-)

thanks!! :-D

thanks! it wasn't based on anything in particular, just wanted to make a somewhat retro-looking sidescroller

yup, those were the themes! thanks :-)

thanks! :-D

at one point during testing, i let the swords speed up too much and there was just a wall of swords falling towards my guy :-O

thanks! :-)

ha ha i love it. the card backs look nice also.

you nailed it!! thank you <3 <3 <3

a really great sequel to the first. the tower graphic is so striking

i loved all the different paths, particularly the twist. a very devious idea for a virus!

the art and colours are lovely, particularly the lighting changes for the houses. and i liked how both paths unfold

this is so well-done and funny

this is so amazing! the music, the graphics, the story... it warms my lil heart. :-)


thanks :-) i love that vid

this hits home. i like the graphics n layout a lot

thank you! :-)

his is good as fuck and it hits home. also really well put together. good job dude 

thank you onion!!! im glad i could tickle ur fancy :-)

thank you! 😊

oh, there isn't a way to actually get the target, sorry. it's a linear narrative

thanks!! glad you liked it :-) 

thanks nina!! 

AHHH THANK YOU!! and i'm glad you noticed that ha ha... i was considering putting in different responses depending on whether you were dressed or not, but with all of the species onboard, i doubt anyone knows whether you should be wearing clothes or not! :-)


oh, i didn't know what you mean! click "run mission" and then use the arrow keys. walk into things that look interesting to see if they trigger dialogue

i dont know!! 



thank you onion!!

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the graphics look impeccable and the atmsophere and writing are perfect. amazing job!