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some more thoughts on the game as well are as follows 

the music

I love the music in this game it is a huge step up and really helped get me immersed in the story. it adds so much to the feel and makes it all the more fun i would often just sit on a dialogue box to just listen to the great soundtrack


i have encountered a few nitpicks such as in izumis route when himeka would enter the house from a cold exterior izumi would be wearing her winter coat indoors which was a bit weird but as for bugs only 1 came up and that was when first launching the game the title would be glitched a bit (see attached)

I'm glad you liked the music! I also feel like switching to a custom OST was a good decision, and I really like how JadeVater handled the new tracks.

Did this logo glitch happen more than once? I'm not sure what could have caused it, since I've not seen it myself...

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it happens when launching the game however returning to the menu from a route does not trigger it 

Best I can think of is that maybe the logo is trying to display at the landscape layout's size, but is cut off by the borders of the portrait layout's size. If that's the case, swapping layouts a few times might fix it. However, that can be a bit wonky sometimes (since sometimes it crashes instead of restarting a few times), so I'm not sure I recommend that if everything else seems to work. I can look into it, but I'd probably need different hardware to test it...

it's fine it only happens when i first launch not after then it behaves and it's not too bad the one other gripe is that the music is really loud at first and really hurts my ears doo maybe making it at a lower volume than i had my headphones at low volume and it still hurt my ears

For the music, my main recommendation for the moment would be to lower the volume in the game settings. (I usually have it at ~60% for my testing.) I used to have code in some of my games that would default the music volume to something other than 100%, but it didn't always work because it would have to be a fresh install, thus its removal. I can potentially look into putting it back in, but it would still require a clean install to do anything in its current form. (Otherwise, the player's setting would get overridden.)

(If the problem continues even with the game volume lowered, you may have to also lower the volume on your PC/phone. In my experience, headphone volumes over 40% can become deafening really quick, and my phone requires a toggle to allow past 70%.)