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can you make the android version separate i cannot extract zips

i loved this when i played it but i was wondering if you would make an android version

if you need a hand with anything hmu I'm excited for the steam release

how long until the full release

it's fine it only happens when i first launch not after then it behaves and it's not too bad the one other gripe is that the music is really loud at first and really hurts my ears doo maybe making it at a lower volume than i had my headphones at low volume and it still hurt my ears

yeah and i realize that the story is based around the power of your dick but maybe just the ability to choose what pronouns are available and make it that the woman is trans or something so that the story is the same just replacing he with she

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it happens when launching the game however returning to the menu from a route does not trigger it 


will there be an android version

you actually have to tap at a medium pace for it to work

i would love the ability to choose the gender of the mc im a woman and would like to play as one

the google play version works tho

there is a bug where the character overlaps the textbox

some more thoughts on the game as well are as follows 

the music

I love the music in this game it is a huge step up and really helped get me immersed in the story. it adds so much to the feel and makes it all the more fun i would often just sit on a dialogue box to just listen to the great soundtrack


i have encountered a few nitpicks such as in izumis route when himeka would enter the house from a cold exterior izumi would be wearing her winter coat indoors which was a bit weird but as for bugs only 1 came up and that was when first launching the game the title would be glitched a bit (see attached)

oh of course if i remeber correctly i was around since like an hour after the release of pure and i am still quite excited for the full game and will buy it as soon as i have the money for it

wow. i have been following the development of this game from the very beginning and i am simply amazed that you managed to make sucha fantastic game so rapidly. after blooming nightshade i was worried that the sequel might not hold up but it was so much more amazing than I could have thought. now going back to BN everything is in a new light and its as if im playing the game for the first time again. this is one of those great VN along with Butterfly Soup and eldritch academy/university.

i love the fact that the initials spell out AWOL its quite a funny little nod

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any updates its been a while


cant remeber if i asked this already but how much will it cost? also will it be on steam

ah I see

will it be on steam?

how's the development progressing?

llonelly do you know how much this will cost?

i love yuri games so much this is exciting if you want any help with stuff im willing to volunteer it

oop im quite excited

you click more info and allow to let it access its a windows defence thing

how much will the final game cost?



Flowering Nightshade community · Created a new topic openDS
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hey i was wondering oof you could add openDS as a font i find this a wee bit hard to read

but that aint to big a deal

although the buttons and the actual hitbixes are slightly offset

it works on the A20 :)

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i dont know how to lower resolution

could you peerhaps put an orientation option or have the option to "force phone layout"

it didnt fix it ont the samsung galaxy A20

when will this game be released and how much will it cost

how much will the final game cost and when will it be released

how long would that take aprox

its a galaxy A20 a Samsung