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Hello? Can you please make an andoid/ ios version? I've been looking around all the internet and I couldn't find one...but since you're the creator, might as well ask you!

sure! i've actually really wanted to do mobile ports for my VNs, i just keep being busy with other things. nice to know people are interested though, it really makes the work feel worth doing haha

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Hi Nami i have a Theory the all of the series lonely wolf treat and syrup and the ultimate sweet are link up i am playing the game never mind the games are link up i just got to the part where it shows treat and please comment back 


Hah, it's no roblem being busy, it's just that I would like to read this visual novel on my phone!plus I really like your art style, it makes the download go up in the sky!

P.S. sorry for not responding, I haven't really checked if you responded since most of the developers don't anyway ^^''