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Bugs don't update when max is decreased either. most things probably don't.

you can have two activities because of the cat (its mentioned there, but its not very clear from description...)

also thanks for info about maximum, i made this principle too simple and need to rewrite it.

i already have some fixes done, but want to investigate a bit how to push update to without destroying local saves.  (and need some time to test everything, unfortunatelly my work and my spring drinking activities are slowing me down a bit :))

thank you for all the insights and bugs reported!:)

That's fine, no rush. I just beat the game and was working on maxing out everything but decided I would just wait until you did a update since things could change a bunch.

I was thinking about how the game would probably be a lot better if you just kind of ditched the level-up system and instead focused it all into the upgrades, and then perhaps have the mastery system converted into something else.

Like perhaps as you (do forest activities) it trains your Forest Mastery, and each level of Forest Mastery unlocks different upgrades (the things you would get now from leveling up.)

This would apply for the other things as well, like Observing Stars for Astronomy and planting(and selling? herbs? Maybe find another activity besides Resting but it could work for granting Herbology Mastery). Then you could eventually branch it off into other things (Pyromancy for Fireball etc, add some kind of fire-based activity). Just an idea though, and it would be more complex and require a rework..