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Okay, the last progress before hitting e300 needed didn't seem to unlock anything? Making the cureall potion didn't 'beat the game' and selling it only didn't even put a dent in the e300. I'm guessing this is the 'you beat the game' point

Game isn't saving data.

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Okay well maybe there's just something wrong with my gpu (wouldn't be the first time) where it doesn't like running the game because I used a buddy's setup and the game was a lot smoother. However I ran into a bug where a tree was very close to one side of my main building and my hauler(red bot anyways) just kept running into the main building on the opposite side trying to get it.

I enjoy the concept but it seems to eat up a ton of resources.. I can only imagine it gets worse in bigger maps. Would love to see a less resource-intensive setup so it would be easier to run in the background while doing other things.. while not for everyone, I'm not a stickler on there being actual graphics so perhaps a purely text-based build would be suitable for this. Still, good work!

Game doesn't run when not active window.

I'm not 100% if I had other things queued, I think just Search Tracks, but I'm unsure. I'm sure if it was something it'll get found again.

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Not sure how this bug occurred exactly because I wasn't looking at the window. I was in Alden and then had 3 huntrabbits available, I put them in my queue and when I looked back into the window this was happening:

PS: While typing this up I still somehow died with a bunch of meat?

Got it, thanks

Two major detriments: A hourly cycle mechanic. This is not a very idle mechanic if I have to check in every hour for optimal progression.

Secondly, the game does not continue to run while being in the background, even while having it's own tab. This also defeats it being a idle game if I can't progress while doing something else

Nice to see the game is still alive! Boo beer, yay food. Good luck though!

Is there a discord or something I can post screenshots?

Yea it's definitely having issues. I am on the 3rd map, area 1 or whatever. When I let it tick through once, I gain 30 xp. But if I let it keep going and come back, I've only gained enough xp to level up once, and then it rolls me over to 1 xp at the next level.

Nevermind it does show, just not properly?

You gain the xp properly now but the number still displays as 0 in idle mode.

Game looks good, the combat style reminds me of Beyond the Beyond.

While it shows xp on the idle-mode screen now, the number does not increase it stays at 0

Does Idle mode not give you xp?

That's fine, no rush. I just beat the game and was working on maxing out everything but decided I would just wait until you did a update since things could change a bunch.

I was thinking about how the game would probably be a lot better if you just kind of ditched the level-up system and instead focused it all into the upgrades, and then perhaps have the mastery system converted into something else.

Like perhaps as you (do forest activities) it trains your Forest Mastery, and each level of Forest Mastery unlocks different upgrades (the things you would get now from leveling up.)

This would apply for the other things as well, like Observing Stars for Astronomy and planting(and selling? herbs? Maybe find another activity besides Resting but it could work for granting Herbology Mastery). Then you could eventually branch it off into other things (Pyromancy for Fireball etc, add some kind of fire-based activity). Just an idea though, and it would be more complex and require a rework..

Bugs don't update when max is decreased either. most things probably don't.

When your Herb Bed maximum is reduced, it doesn't reduce the maximum of how many herbs you can have planted. Also at some point you become able to do 2 actions at once (Like Clear Space+Observe Stars for example) but there's no real indication of when this occurs?
It'd be nice to be able to disable Nyan Cat since he often floats in the way of the Buy/Sell buttons for Wizcoin. Wouldn't be much of an issue if there was a 'All' button.. :(.

Hmm there was something else but I forget right now.

When I begin the Dungeon Moscarparte, it did not give me extra space as a reward. Also I was able to click and purchase the Magic Wood without having normally unlocked it. And of course Mine Wizcoin, as well I can click on a action to the far right of that menu but it doesn't actually seem to do anything, it just highlights a green square.

Complete a dungeon quest part of quest does not work properly.

Blissworf gave .01 mana/sec.

Yes wizcoin ends up blowing all the other gold production out of the water. However, it eventually becomes basically the only means of producing levels at a decent pace. Perhaps other gold production could be buffed in some fashion as well? But I think 'auto excess selling' would probably help with this quite a bit so... perhaps wait until everything falls into place and then do some balancing? Your call.

Scrolls only gave Mana Production after getting the 'empower frog' upgrade. If this is intentional, maybe the tooltip for scrolls could say such?

All button is a MUST for Wizcoins.

Repeating map, I mean that when you complete the map, and are at the Rewards screen, it could give you a button to 'Repeat same map' This way you don't have to go back to the Map menu and re-select/start the map.

This is also what I meant for 'auto-progress', like when you defeat a monster in Map, you have a option to auto-progress onto the next monster. Not off-line gains (although would be good), but instead you can start a map, and then progress through the monsters.

For the autoclicker, I had it sell everything that I auto-produced (bugs/herbs i think at the time) and then buy Wizcoin. This way when I woke up I had a bunch of wizcoin which I could sell when it was high. Wizcoin has no maximum so it was the only thing I could invest into and receive benefits when I was actively playing again. Also clearing a bunch of space was also good.

Oh, and also auto-progress! (Further)

Yes there are a few issues. The game definitely needs a 'all' button, like how you can right click for 10x, but instead 'all'. Perhaps the A button on the keyboard could be assigned this function? Also there are a ton of things that could be turned into upgrades that many people would make a script for.. auto-selling of things when they are at their maximum and are being auto-generated. Auto-collecting of bugs when you have 'excess' energy in the same function.

Also perhaps a option to repeat the same map you just completed would be nice as well.

Hello. Like the game, I enjoy idle games where your choices have impact. I made it decently far by using a autoclicker overnight but then I closed the window and hadn't saved, haha... maybe some kind of autosave option?

Also scrolls say they provide mana regen but don't seem to actually produce any mana/s?