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Seems to be fixed.

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I presume it's Shrink Spell putting some value below 1 and the game isn't coded to handle that. Just gonna have to wait for them to patch and fix it. Oh, speaking of, Shrink Spell shows as a #.00X multiplier, rather than a 0.0# multiplier

Pushed undying talents past 100 (106) on Wizard and reincarnated, game is now frozen and won't load properly. Refreshing sometimes bring back up the class selection menu, but then I start getting a error and the page wanting to close. Apparently something is wrong!

Should show Base stats as well.

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I'm not frustrated, I just stopped playing. It's supposed to be a idle game, not a 'spam clicker' game. I get if it you just don't know how to code it to where it picks them all up at once or whatever but if it's intentional then I stand by my statement: Poor design.

I had hundreds of coins sitting well before I defeated the first boss. Even with a mouse that has a spam left click function collecting them was still tedious. It's simply poor design.

Game could be massively improved by having a single click collect all the gold coins.

Yea like I said there needs to be a good progression curve but I don't think having goblin warriors/tough slimes that oneshot low level adventurers wandering right beside your guild hall is the kind of progression curve that is ideal lol

Okay related to my other post: Seems like some enemy mobs will just randomly start gunning for the hills and bolt off at a pretty solid speed (faster than adventurers can go) in some random direction. This may be the behavior causing them to wind up really close to the starting zone. Anyways if one of your adventurers lock onto this target they have 0 chance of catching them and chase for a while (like 10+s) until I presume the enemy is a certain distance away? May want to check out what is causing them to start bolting off so quickly, and perhaps also shorten the range/duration that adventurers will chase

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On the info for when a adventurer dies, it should include what it died to and perhaps even the X/Y coordinates so you can approximate where (if adventurers are dying frequently in the same spot you can know to put a bonfire there) Oh. Or a temporary marker where they died would be fine as well, that when you click on the info message it shows you the spot. Basically anyway that leaves info you can find to suggest good places to build a bonfire when your peoples are dying a lot around there

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Here's a screenshot of how close the Tough Slime is wandering. Oh yea there's multiple t2 mobs, goblin warriors, deer, other things just zipping like right beside the guild. It's just instadeath walking right by lul

I downloaded the newest version to check it out because a lot of the changes seemed really interesting. However I noticed something that seems a little awkward and could potentially be a bug?

There is a Tough Slime wandering around very close to my guild and a Goblin Warrior that is also walking through the area as if it was along his path. My adventurers obviously aren't smart enough to avoid these because they beeline right for them if they're the closest thing and get heckin' one shot lul.

In the first version I didn't notice my single adventurer (I have many now) dying quite so frequently, but I also am unsure that could have been occurring.. it seems like the beginning zone is quite large so seems kind of strange that these tier2 mobs are so close to the starting zone and there's nothing I can do to instruct my adventurers to avoid them, I just eat frequent respawn timers because these things are close and my adventurers aren't big on living lul.

I understand that the adventurers should have some kind of challenge in order to spice up the gameplay and not just be a gradual progression of 0 difficulty encounters but this is like.. yea. They just get insta oneshot.

Right but selecting the text is what we need to do in order to copy it lol.

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When I click on the text string for a export, it makes the whole window go black for a short while. I can still hit ctrl+c and then ctrl+v it but, pretty confusing for that to happen. Not sure if it's just me though. Also it appears that after a short wait it will return.

Well I'm unsure what happened because I didn't clear cookies but my save is gone so. I'll just play again and if I experience it another time I'll notify you.

Yea. I had a Club, Short Sword, Short bow and Knife. I had just beaten the preliminary match in the Arena which I believe awarded 1 gold.. anyways regardless of the specifics of what I should have had. I got the Saint Class then did a reset, and had no equipment or gold. So yea, must be a bug.

Like the game so far but losing all of your gold/equipment when resetting without anyway to regain it can basically softlock you. Need to look into that.

I'm not trying to sell you on a idea or convince you, I'm just suggesting things that I think would be interested to see implemented. However I'm glad to see you are considering my feedback! I look forward to what you do with the game in the future!

I definitely read the tutorial tooltips.. multiple times. Perhaps being a bit more explicit about the 7 tile formation could be beneficial

I messed with Ice+Soil and Ice+Mountain for a good 5 minutes a piece and couldn't get anything. Tried all sorts of formations. Glad to see it wasn't just me.

Very interesting concept, but perhaps I was doing something wrong. I found trying to discover new tiles past the basic Earth ones to be very frustrating. I got Water to 5 and Earth to 3 before messing around again but couldn't discover either of the tiles that were supposed to be produced by combining Ice and Soil/Mountain. 

Also the game does not function while on the site when not the active window.

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 No problem.

The class levels things was in order to allow class progression and also to make it so people who have been in a class for so long are more proficient at the job. But the main point is so that adventurers can advance in different classes and unlock higher tier classes. Like Paladin like I described or Fighter+Wiz=Mage Knight or something like that, there's tons of potential things you could do and material to draw from for this.

Also like you said it depends on how you make it. The main thing that appeals to me for it is so that you can create actual party compositions (Tank/Healer/DPS) as well as have people that perform different functions (like the Scout allowing further distance from the guilds) and then have them partied up in order to allow adventurers to be specialized. 

Having adventurers earn classes based on what they tend to do the most could be interesting but without having direct control/influence I could see this becoming problematic because most adventurers will tend to become the same thing (IE: No one would wind up a wizard because they are always moving around and fighting/having to return to places to heal/deposit gold and that sort of thing.) Ultimately like you said it all depends on how you want to do it because it's your game but yea just some suggestions! I love party management games and there's basically no/little idle games that do it well so here's hoping you create something fun to play!

Oh.. New Game option in the menu as well. Multiple saves.

Oh: Being able to click on a event in the Info Tab and have the Adventurer that is being discussed be highlighted/camera followed.

Suggested implementations:
-Adventurer classes. Gives access to base stat adjustments and abilities. Adventurers can be sent back to the guild and have their class changed.
-Class levels. Classes can level up and provide more base stats and new abilities. More advanced jobs require levels in lower tier jobs (Eg: Fighter 10+Priest 10=Paladin)
-Partying: Assign adventurers to stay within a small range of other adventurers and fight/explore together. Some classes could be focused on exploring farther away from the guild (Be a Scout/Partied with a Scout to increase range the adventurer/party can explore away from the guild)

When the game is first opened the Adventurer Guild menu is opened but upon closing it you are no longer able to open it back up by M1 on the Guild or any other constructed guilds. Thus you cannot recruit new adventurers.

I think a good way to help it be idle would be options to allow instant restart on death and automatically start Thinking. This way you can idly gain thinking mastery xp

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Okay so I downloaded the recent version to play and still have the same bug:
-Autofight does not automatically proceed to the next monster once one is defeated completely.

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Draging and dropping does not work for me. The game also doesn't run while not the main window which is pretty much a instant 'not play' on a idle game for me.Edit: Okay 'background' seems to work sometimes but not others...?

PS: Autofight is also not automatically transitioning to the next monster once the current monster is fully defeated.. idk what you broke but it's big.

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I thought you used to be able to adjust the order of the monsters what happened to that?

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Would suggest being highly weary of this Dev. Dev claims to be doing this as a passion project in order to improve their skills but then is already instituting paywalls into the game. Constantly reworks game systems in a manner that negatively impact the player rather than focusing on quality of life for the player.  Would not recommend.

Edit: Dev is also very passive aggressive.

Oaky well like I commented on the other version of this that was uploaded, the game does not run unless it's the selected window. This is a automatic 'not fun' for a idle game and I'm not even going to try playing it in order to analyze the other elements. It also seems to be a massive resource hog.

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I'm at the point where I wish tier3 of banners was already accessable and all of my researches cost at least 2k to upgrade and I still want more automation slots lol.

It's not about rest being actually useful or not, having rest be automated from the start would make the grinding after a prestige a lot easier. In the end it's your game and so the balance is up to you, I just think it would be extremely convenient.

Speaking of automation, I cannot wait to get more slots.. 4 slots would be SO great but I would be happy with just a third, lol. Also maybe a neat research that makes Rest always be automated would be a cool thing to have.

Also: A 'blanket input' option for Learning that sets each Learning to the amount entered

Yea, if you make a discord, I'm also willing to help with the English lines. A discord just makes it easier to keep everything organized.

A possible bug: You cannot add an additional creature unless your Current Energy is also equal to the required amount.

Oh also the ability to assign hotkeys to actions.

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I really like the game so far. I am on my 4th prestige, still working on the story progression for one of each banner because I messed up and converted on my first prestige. A few things I would suggest:

Make a confirmation for converting to a higher tier on the banners, warning you that having none of the lower tier will not give you a benefit from converting. Also just to confirm you want to do it, to prevent accidents.

Make a tab/display for upgrades you have already purchased from the shop.

Get a native English proofreader for the text. It's still understandable but there are many errors and could use a lot of polish.

Maybe make a Discord too if you want.

Edit: Thought of more. Bonus time. You accrue bonus time while offline which can be toggled on and makes the game run at extra speed. I feel like this is a easy way to give fake 'offline progress'.

The game is good though. Definitely unique and not just a silly carbon copy of other idle/incremental games. Keep up the good work!

Okay, the last progress before hitting e300 needed didn't seem to unlock anything? Making the cureall potion didn't 'beat the game' and selling it only didn't even put a dent in the e300. I'm guessing this is the 'you beat the game' point