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Hi, if it isn't too much to ask, how did you create the models and animations for this game? They look so clean and rounded, and I am curious as to how you achieve this effect. I am inexperienced with this type of thing, and would greatly appreciate some pointers.

I think the answer for the how the models look "so clean and rounded" is mainly that we used Toon shaders and Unlit shaders. They make the shading simple and give the scene that sharpness. For the animations, the arm animation is custom programmed physics and the other animations are not too detailed (for the NPC's) but more exaggerated in rotation and movement for our style. Hope this helps in some way! 

Thank you so much. I am trying to get into coding and making stuff but its really daunting, and there isn't a lot of documentation on the stuff I want to make. It really helps that you took the time to answer my noob question.

No problem! Keep at it!