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Will there be a mac build at some point? I want to use it but all I have is a mac :(

wow, this would have been such a great trip if mom remembered to sign my permission slip :(

1.2.10 beta compiled from the source code

the tween doesn't seem to work properly. It just duplicates one frame

Oh my god the sound effects are great and wow the sprite work is so good!! Tough to read text on the game page though

Thank you, and I am SO glad you liked it! The intro sorta struck me when i was just starting out making shore tiles and I immediately decided it was the perfect way to start.

how did you do 3d like this in gamemaker!?

try running it with the directplay winetrick?

How the heckity heck did you do this 3d first person stuff in gamemaker?

Thank you so much. I am trying to get into coding and making stuff but its really daunting, and there isn't a lot of documentation on the stuff I want to make. It really helps that you took the time to answer my noob question.

Hi, if it isn't too much to ask, how did you create the models and animations for this game? They look so clean and rounded, and I am curious as to how you achieve this effect. I am inexperienced with this type of thing, and would greatly appreciate some pointers.