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Oh wow, that's never happened to me! well you have the highest score in my books haha
I'm glad you enjoyed it. That's exactly what I wanted out of it, making the gameplay simple but adding layers of strategy to try beat it. 

Thanks for playing!

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for playing!

I'll definitely consider this if I get the chance to work on the game more! 

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks so much for playing! 

Also great catch on the lives! That was my mistake, they were just hidden for when I was preparing some gameplay gifs and forgot to turn them back on haha. I just uploaded a newer version which should fix that.

No problem! Keep at it! 

I think the answer for the how the models look "so clean and rounded" is mainly that we used Toon shaders and Unlit shaders. They make the shading simple and give the scene that sharpness. For the animations, the arm animation is custom programmed physics and the other animations are not too detailed (for the NPC's) but more exaggerated in rotation and movement for our style. Hope this helps in some way! 

Actually for objects that needed shadows we used the Unity toon shader. But we used the unlit shader for most things (food, signs, etc...)

I use Autodesk Maya for modelling. I also used Unity's default cubes and spheres for some of the simple objects in the scene like the bushes and the park benches.

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for playing!

thanks! I wanted to stick with a small, non stressful scope for the game jam but I could see the game becoming something more

thank you! yeah maybe in the future, I have a couple of ideas of where it could go

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I'm glad you enjoyed playing it! loved your little song

That's a beautiful ending. Yeah I've noticed some players commenting they can get through my invisible walls on sprinting... I'll work on getting that fixed sometime in the future!

Thanks! yeah I noticed some players were mentioning that.. if I have some time I'll go in and fix those issues.

RIP red ball

Thanks that's what I was going for!

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Thanks so much for playing, I enjoyed watching your playthrough! Cool suggestions for customization.

Thanks! glad you enjoyed it!

it's a feature