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Well, I was expecting this game/project to last around the 20-30 minute mark but it went on for longer than anticipated.

The graphics are very well polished. The story line just kept me engrossed to the point were I wanted to find the next journal and each portal adventure just made me want to play more.

The controls were just spot on and I had to play the entire project/game. Fantastic.

Parts 2 to 9 are in the description and all 9 parts are being uploaded to Daily Motion as well.

Thank you DEVS so much producing this graphicly/story driven game. I really enjoyed it. It was nice and easy going (except for the point where i died in the first cave and nearly pooped myself lol) which is good in between playing some off the more hardcore games.

The final mix of the video was just over 9 gigs after mixing down from 24 gigs with 2 hours of full gameplay.

During the mixing I'm listening to the mighty  "The Fall" and the "Extricate" album RIP Mark E Smith (sorry)



Added note: If the DEVS want to add somthing or change anything then please, let me know,

Thank you so much!  I appreciate the feedback :D