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First of all, thx for your answer and for taking times to check it.

Yesterday, I tested it on my CD32 with Terrible Fire 330. Seems weird that it doesn't work just for me but maybe my Frankeinmiga is guilty ;)

I will try it on my 1260 and under EAUE MorphOS too.

For the 0 score, it was after time out on the first level in 2 players mode (we couln't complete it 'cause of the first card). I will investigate this problem on my others computers too.

Thank you !

You're welcome!

I have just checked the game and the code and found a bug that I introduced with the previous update: the code allowed both players to point the same card at the same time, which is a condition forbidden by the rules. The code assumes that such condition never happens, so maybe the stuck card bug you noticed is a consequence of this unwanted behaviour.

The 0 score is OK in this case: points are awarded only after the completion of a round.

The CPU shouldn't make any difference. Anyway, I'm going to test the game myself on my 68030 machine and, if everything goes well, I'll release a new update shortly thereafter.

It's released now :)
Please let me know if the problem is solved.

Yeah! All is working now! Thx again! 

Amiga fever ;-)

Glad to hear that and thanks for the report!