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The flashing thing is a helpful tip. I was going to suggest some sort of visual beat timer ( Ala Crypt of the Necrodancer ) 

Mainly because I'm deaf, so it's difficult for me to " get into the groove" once I lose my place ( the reason I figured out I was taking damage on seemingly nothing ) 

I can play COTN, ( albeit; not the best) So i figured this was something i could mess with as well.

I'll look for that flashing, that would help immensely.

I already watched your youtube video to see it in action, as well ^^b

Thanks for the reply!

If I ever revisit this I'll make sure to add some more visual aids. Like right now there is no way to tell when a beat has passed and the health bar pulsing isn't super obvious. Also I just had another go at COTN to compare and the interaction time window seems way more forgiving there. RSU might actually be harder as far as timing is concerned, I did almost no testing on other people so far and I know the whole thing in and out by now, so I have now idea how difficult it really is. :D