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I polayed Knightin' and did some Fightin'. 

Nice little rogue type game. Graphics are nice and overall gameplay was just nicely chilled.

I played the first 2 levels and will play some more after tea. Keep up the great work.

Keep Slashin and Dashin DEVS


Thanks for playing!

And one more thing.

I noticed that you you guessed solution of the first puzzle. But it won't be easy with the second one. There are 2 more easy ways to solve them. You can look for the hints hidden on the floor (small square holes) and figure out solution yourself, or you may find a QR code with a solution.

Yeah, i was lucky to guess the first puzzle and I was looking at the floor for a clue for the second puzzle but couldn't work it out but i knew the clue was there somewhere and now that you've mentioned it, I'm going to go play.