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¡Hola CeesarL2002!

I'm afraid that's all the Spanish I know, so I hope it's okay if I continue in English. Thank you very much for downloading Epicinium. I'm curious what you'll think of the game, and whether it works at all under Arch Linux. We compiled under Debian 7, so there's a big chance that the binaries won't run in your distribution. Please let us know whether it works.


The game starts well. I can not use the mouse, so I understand that I only need the "Enter". But I do not know how to start the game .-.
I do not speak English, so this is from the Google Translate xd

Hi! The game is controlled with the mouse. There are some keyboard shortcuts but not enough to play the game. Why does the mouse not work? Is the cursor position wrong? Or does it not move at all?

On a hunch, could you try running the game from the terminal using

SDL_VIDEO_X11_DGAMOUSE=0 ./epicinium

from the directory that the binary named "epicinium" is in? If that fixes it, we can add that to the next version.