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If you play this game with a racing wheel connected, the game just assumes the accelerator/brake pedal is a joystick axis & the camera spins around endlessly. It seems to be completely impossible to disable this. Is there any way to remap or debind controls at all?

Hi porta, sorry to hear that. I’ve seen this in one of the Steam reviews and with the way Unity input worked back then plus the lack of controller management in the PC version, I don’t think I can offer you anything at the moment. Is unplugging it not an option / are racing wheels usually connected in a way that makes this annoying to do? You could also temporarily disable the wheel via your OS.

I spent a lot of time on controller management for the Xbox One version, so there is some code for that, but that endeavor ate up all resources I had and left me burned out with the game. Then, whenever I started to work on a new patch for the PC version, I remembered feature parity and my motivation stopped. So, I’m sorry if I can’t offer you to patch this one out. I hope you can find a way around it without messing with your setup too much.