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I want to adopt slashchicken. 

What a cracking roguelike type game you guys have developed. I know the publish date  and I've looked at this a few times and thought "I'll maybe play it later" but I wished I'd  have played it sooner. I was having so much fun and enjoying Ducksoup Dungeon that the 10 minute video became a 30 minute video.

The only reason I stopped playing was becase the dog needed to go out. Damn ye beast lol

Top Notch


Thank you very much for the video wobbly! :) And also thanks for the praise! This is definitely one of my favorite game-jam titles, mainly because we were able to make a kind of complete game loop. That's why Diane & me have decided to casually start working on a sequel. ^^

Well, as soon as you have playable demo can you guys let me know. I'd love to do a video/review.

Thank you so much for introducing me to slashchicken. I still want to adopt slashhicken thoough :)

Fantastic work.