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Great concept and combo of Tron and Berzerk, nice edgy soundtrack. Are you developing this further?


That was the plan! Originally I made three games with the idea of expanding on one of them.

RunOver was my first, Hazard was my second and Diver was my third.

Then I started a fourth one...   And I have tried out a few concepts but nothing has really stuck.

I am starting to think that remaking Hazard or even just moving onto Hazard 2 would be the way to go...

Thank you for playing my game and taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it.



(Also, apologies for the late reply, I went away for a month - which is totally no excuse)

I'm working on a berzerk retro remake - An open source that was stopped, to add new features. But wanted to combine with Hazard as a sequel.. Just an idea. 

Love the diver aspect - Always a fan of open-world and free choice especially impacting others and the environment/nature. Fantastic features and depth in this game , have you played endless ocean on the WII?

Are you open to commissions or requests?

I was thinking about using this open source for a berzerk in 2d which zap's you into Hazard, just an idea