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There is really a lot of stuff going on in this game. The art style is really good, it seems to have large map to explore. It could really be turned into something dense, coherent and very enjoyable to play.  Some things you should consider to improve : Give more explanation to the player or reduce at first the size of the level, because actually it could feel a bit overwhelming. Maybe consider reducing the speed of the player (it kind of feel like a soap for now).

Congrats for all the work done :D

Thanks for playing!! For sure, we're definitely thinking of a) adding a tutorial/hub area for the player to familiarize themselves (due to time constraints it had to be cut), and revamp the first level to be a little more beginner friendly. Thank you for the comments on player movement as well-- always a tricky thing to test so feedback is appreciated! Look forward to patches and new features in the future!