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Thank you so much for playing and giving such a comprehensive review!! It's absolutely invaluable to us. The text and stem mechanics can definitely be iterated further and thank you for pointing out some bugs as well! Really grateful you took the time to play and write this out. C: Hope you enjoyed it anyways!

Thank you for playing! Definitely the stem drawing could be polished and a visible cursor is a very good comment we will keep in mind. I believe the flower drawing gets a little easier by upping the sensitivity and playing in full screen if you would like to get further in the game-- but nonetheless, thank you so much for playing and reviewing! C:

Thank you so much!! We're so glad you like the whole aesthetic of the game. Thank you for rating and for playing!!

Oh no!!! Not the dreaded Browser Close. xD Really glad you liked it anyways (and thanks for sticking through the browser close as well)!

Thank you so much for playing and enjoying the game! C:

Thank you for playing! Our artist is very happy that people are enjoying it as well. C: The word grabbing definitely takes a little bit to get used to, haha. Thanks again!

Thank you so much for enjoying it!! :D

Wow, thanks for recording it! That area was actually meant to be entirely inaccessible-- i.e. the platform was meant to be completely unreachable and only act as a wall. So the area beyond is the Great Unknown that has nothing set up haha. Thank you for playing and recording as well! :0

Thank you so much for playing! Yes, unfortunately the game is pretty exclusively optimized for mouse-- I'm very sorry it didn't offer the same experience for you. :< That's a very good comment on the dialogue as well! Thank you again. C:

We're really glad you liked it (and glad you found it)!! Thank you for playing!!

Thank you!! Our artist thought of the base concept as well-- she's very happy about the reception haha.

Thank you so much! We're glad you like it!! <3

We're really glad you liked it!!! :D

Thank you so much for enjoying! We're definitely grindin' our gears on how this can be expanded (and honestly, there was quite a bit that didn't make it into the final build owo). The guy who worked on the text is very happy that you liked the effects overall haha. Thanks again for playing!

Thank you for enjoying!! Our artist is very happy that you like the art haha. And that's a fantastic comment about the DS-- it would be interesting to see how it works with a stylus! I believe if you up the sensitivity and play in fullscreen it's a bit easier to control, but we're gonna work on better accessibility there for sure. C:

(And yes, Garbra the Frog kinda dips off after-- you must've scared her away xD)

Thank you for playing and we're glad you enjoyed the aesthetics of the game! I believe if you play in full screen and up the sensitivity you can control the stem a little better, but it definitely isn't your fault-- it's a mechanic we'll be looking into polishing post jam! C: Thanks again for playing~

Thank you so much for playing! I believe if you up the sensitivity ingame and also play in fullscreen it will help offset a bit of the trouble to catch words, but regardless we're definitely going to look into iterating on those mechanics in the future. That's a really good comment on changing the cursor position-- we'll look into it! Thank you for your feedback and again, for playing!

We're really glad you liked our interpretation of the theme! Thank you so much for playing. C:

Thank you for trying the game! We're definitely going to look into polishing mouse-based control and more text-accessibility options post jam (and in our future projects). Still glad you liked it, and thanks for the feedback!

Thank you so much!! We're very glad you liked it. C:

Thank you so much for playing! We're glad that you liked it and it ran well for you.I believe if you up the sensitivity it will make controlling the stem a little bit easier, but mouse-controlled movement is definitely something we'll look into polishing more post jam. Thanks again!!

It does seem as if a few colliders escaped our notice-- we're still very glad you enjoyed it nonetheless! Thank you so much for playing!

Thank you for playing and we're very glad you enjoyed the aesthetics of the game!! We'll definitely look into pursuing more accessibility options when it comes to text following the jam. Thank you very much!

Love the story and the concept as playing an enemy from within-- the controls and mechanics are super ANTuitive (hehe), and the music paired with your little mushroom friend is so fitting!! I wish it was a little less linear because the world seems like it's built to be open world but nothing happens unless you follow the path, but other than that, super well done! C:

Absolutely love the movement system, and how the levels were based around it! It's incredibly responsive so I always felt like failure was due to my own mistakes rather than the game out to get me. The fly is also so cute-- I wish there was some sound to accompany this game, but otherwise it's fantastic! I can even see it being scaled into a full release.

Very interesting rewind mechanic! I loved the particle effect feedback when you picked something up or shot something. Something I wish was a little bit more room to use the rewind mechanic-- maybe the jump is floatier, or the levels have a little bit more verticality, to really let that mechanic shine. Can't wait to see where the game goes!

Loved the interpretation of the theme! The ominous energy and mystery of the game had me unable to do anything else until I reached the end. Absolutely deserving of five stars all around.

Absolutely loved the (SPOILER ALERT) the twist as you reach the castle bridge, and the way you play off of actual game development aspects in the narration! Super impressive modeling work too, being able to do that in one month as well. I wish the jumping was a little bit more responsive, but overall I love the gameplay loop and the narrative!

Loved the music and the feedback loop of dying and going back to buy items and coming back stronger than previously. Also loved the way you have to move around to be able to attack! The randomized elements are awesome as well-- all in all, love how much you guys were able to do and also fit together in this jam. I wish there could have been some kind of manual aiming system because I found myself in situations where I wanted to finish off an enemy but the auto-target would shoot a full health one instead, but all in all a fantastic play!

The controls are very smooth and I love the concept of color matching-- however, I can't seem to get enough jump height to clear the green enemy on the first level. Maybe I'm just missing something on my end. ^^' Otherwise, very smooth and the music is very bouncy!

This game is only a submission for Ludwig Jam and nothing else, and we are not looking for any collaborators at the moment.

Thank you so much for enjoying it! C: We're very glad you found it fun and aesthetically pleasing~

Thanks for playing the game! Your feedback here and on stream is very valid-- we'll be working on opening up the level more post jam. Thanks again!

Thank you for playing and enjoying the game! Yes, there is a slight cooldown for the launch, but I think given player feedback this jam we'll take it out as it simply feels unfair for the player. Thank you so much for your feedback! C:

Thank you for enjoying the design! Definitely there is a bit of ambiguity in terms of navigation-- thank you for your feedback!

Apologies that the gameplay came across like that! Getting stunlocked is definitely a constant initial experience so in the future we could definitely open up the level a little more. Appreciate you giving the game a play anyways~

Thank you for liking the aesthetics of the game! You don't actually need to click on the player; you can click anywhere on the screen to play, if that helps! We definitely were discussing opening it up to controller functionality because the radial degree of control in controller (and honestly mobile) would be wonderful for a design like this. Thank you so much for your feedback and suggestions!

Thank you for playing the game! Really glad you like the aesthetic and game feel. The level is definitely quite tight so thank you for letting us know about the reaction timing as well c:

Super glad that you like the difficulty!! C: We're sure you'll get it hehe, mlg pro gamer vibes. Thanks so much for your compliments!!

Thank you so much!! :D Our artist is goated for sure and we're grateful for that every day haha. Thanks so much!!!