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After clicking Controls, the Return button does not work, I can click it, but the controls stay overlayed on the menu and I can't click anything else anymore. Now starting the game :-)

Really love the art style, playing works quite nice as well. Jumping feels perhaps a bit too 'fast'. Menus don't really same to work nicely.

Thing that stopped me playing right now is that I got stuck in the floor. When falling down the corridor with alternating left/right dropping platforms I got stuck under a pile of them, was pushed into the floor a bit and could not get out anymore. Then clicked 'Save', then tried to 'Quit' but that did not work. 

Not feeling like doing a refresh again, not so patient today :-)


Thanks for the comments! We were rushing to meet a deadline so there's certainly still a lot of polish that can be done-- a lot of the menu functionality was originally meant for local builds (not webGL), so sorry about that soft-locking you!! Hope the little you could play was still enjoyable. Look forward to a bunch of patches and features in the future!