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I quite enjoyed this but found it difficult to make something that resembled what I wanted. Maybe for beginners you could pick from a list of template items where you simply hit the block of metal and it transforms to that partly completed item? That would get people to try the other features more easily.

The 'Rune pencils' didn't seem to do anything. I was probably using them wrong? I tried to write on the sword I was making like it was a pencil.

The graphics were nice and lots of thought was given to the additional tasks. I did like that you could go upstairs and see some scenery through the windows.

It would be good to see gloved hands rather than the blocks? And have something to pick up that red hot metal out of the forge. You can just put your hand in and pick it up! That's probably because it is an early version.

Will be nice to see the next incarnation.

We're glad you've enjoyed it so far, and definitely, we're thinking about how to introduce and help the player to create the shapes they want. We don't want to make too many constraints for the player though, so it's an interesting task. 

The pencils will currently only work if the piece has been hardened, indicated with smoke when cooling from a hot temperature, they are quite finicky at the moment though, as they are concepts of tools we want the player to have. Currently, it works sort of like an "airbrush" holding it near, and pressing A or B should work.

We're looking forward to the next iteration! :)