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A great looking game with responsive controls and some nice looking puzzles but it does lack direction.

I played it a few times. The first time I just left the bridge at the start and went exploring. Only at the end did I see the 'start travel' and 'scan systems' buttons and I then ended up at the wormhole with (I think) nothing else to do.

The second time, I went to the wormhole but took too long looking for the helmet (when the cracks appeared) that the doors locked and I was stuck on the bridge. But then nothing happened (like running out of air or the ship imploding) with 50+ minutes left on the clock.

I didn't understand the 'fuse' puzzle. Can you give a clue?

Thanks for sharing though. I enjoyed it so far.

Well I finally completed the game after a number of attempts.

It was fun and has some great graphics but there were a few places that I got stuck.

With that in mind, here's my attempt (for anyone who needs some help).

Thanks for sharing your game!

A great version of the game and nice use of the Oculus hand tracking.

I would have liked more sounds.

Here's my attempts to win. 

Thanks for sharing.

A nice looking game with great sounds.

I did find the teleport on the left stick was not responsive enough and often it would not move when I wanted it to.

There needs to be more in-play direction in some places to show the player what they should be doing (and not doing). I spent time trying to open the lock on the cage of the first 'Penumbra' that I found thinking they would be freed. And the sign saying 'wear a lab coat' made me go looking for one thinking it would help me blend in.

Often the 'gotcha' guy would speak but I could continue playing regardless. I then saw their outline over my position and it would then follow me around (making it hard to see where I was going).

The 'gauntlet' didn't seem to work very well. Only on the first occasion that I put it on did it switch a light out.

It is great so far for an 'in development' game and I hope to play again.

Thanks for sharing it.

I couldn't pick any cheese up using my Quest2 ?

Looks a good game but I can't get very far on my quest2 because I keep 'falling through the environment'. I end up in the same place each time where I cannot move but the game is still going.  

Here are some examples 

Great idea and some comedy phrases.

I did find it a bit hard to be accurate with both the selection of the paint and the use of it on the canvass.

Thanks for sharing.

 Here's my attempt

Nice graphics and quite good fun.

Can you attach the wooden planks to the table to replace the sides that have been broken?

Can you pick up the creatures?

I couldn't figure out how to do either.

The 'oldest' timer is confusing. When it stopped, I thought the game was over and it had not detected that there were still Fluffballs left. It really means your oldest Fluffball has escaped and the ones that are left are younger but they still need herding.

An excellent game and very addictive!

It can be frustrating at the start when you are learning the controls but it is lots of fun once you master them.

Excellent game! Very addictive and loads of fun.

Here's my latest attempt. I'm still trying to beat the 5 minute barrier on level 1 (and reach the later levels).

Great game.

The chickens looked a bit strange.

I won and lost at the same time!


Fun game.

The colours on the items were a bit faint making it difficult to decide which lane they should go on.

And the bombs were hard to pick up.

Thanks for sharing.

What is the code for the TV room? I watched the channels and tried lots of combinations. As far as I can see it is this one but it didn't work : 


Thanks for the info.

I keep forgetting about the teleport ability! Maybe you should use it to get the other objects at the start rather than being able to just pick them up all up? Maybe not all the objects are available at the start?

In the end I used a broken column to put on the circle. I did try to shoot the big cube down but it got stuck. Once I opened the gate, I then got stuck getting passed the lasers. I shot at them and fired arrows but they didn't explode. Do you have to do a dance around the beams? I ended up just running through them and taking damage.

The gun is a bit too useful. I found myself shooting everything rather than using the other weapons and the shield never really gets a look in. Maybe have less bullets to make you use the other weapons?

I did notice that the boxes do give you something when you break them but it happens so fast you don't really notice what it is.

There is a black cube carried by one of the characters but I feared picking it up as it was making a noise and I thought it would explode. I haven't found out if it is useful yet.

When I fell in the spike pit my right hand disappeared and so I couldn't climb out. I held onto the ladder and the spikes didn't get me. When I let go and fell to the floor, my hand appeared again so I could run across to the other side and climb out.

Nice work.

Is there going to be something random in the boxes? I think I smashed them all then found a circle that needed something heavy putting on it to open a gate. At that point I couldn't find a broken column either.

I didn't think the health bar was very clear. It was difficult to gauge how much damage I was taking when fighting and how much health I got when I picked one up.

In a later tutorial maybe mention the floating cubes that explode? I thought the first one that I encountered was something to collect. Until it blew up!

I might have missed which button was 'jump'? I got stuck in part of a room with different height 'squares' being attacked from one side and stabbed by something in the dark at the other. Then it restarted from the beginning. I was at least 15 minutes into the game.  Maybe it could restart from the beginning of the unfinished room?

But it was fun and I will play more to see if I can get further.


I got the power for the robot going and it moved to the book knocking two cans off the shelf. I shot the third one off and I hit the book a few times but it didn't fall over. Do I need to keep hitting the book or hit it in a certain place? Or should I have knocked the cans down before powering up the robot?

Occasionally the elastic on the catapult ends up below the ground level and it cannot be used again.

I only ever see one letter to open. After reading it and sending it down the pipe, nothing else happens?

I hoped the links would point to a new version but neither works.

Can you post a video of what to do on the Quest version?

I can move the boulders with the tractor beam but I don't see any quails to help.

Excellent graphics and story with a nice narration.

Sometimes it wasn't clear where you needed to go. I just wandered around until the next bit of narration started.

I also didn't know what I needed to do to evade capture at the end and ended up just running away when I could (that might be correct?).

The caravan was nice to look around but I wasn't sure what purpose it had? Was it to provide more background to the story?

Thanks for sharing.

Excellent game!

Great graphics, great setting and it ran smoothly.

It could have done with some instructions but you can pick it up quickly.

Thanks for sharing.

Excellent game.

Some great settings for the showdowns and I love the names of the gunslingers.

Thanks for sharing.

Excellent game.

A nice variety of courses with smooth gameplay and a great soundtrack!

Great game. Looks really nice and was lots of fun.

I did find that the flies sometimes got stuck in the flowers as they tried to enter the window and the plate of food would often hit the player's hands as it appears and ends up upside down.

A novel idea with a nice surreal feel and fun to play.

However although you are told what to do, it wasn't obvious how to do it or when the task was complete. For example, on the first scene, I used the continuous motion for movement (rather than teleport) and couldn't reach the tree. I then assumed I had to go up a ladder or through a portal instead. After realising I could climb the tree by simply teleporting myself onto it, I then fixed the first hole but didn't realise there was a second one.

I also found that I was often facing the wrong direction when I used the teleport motion and had to keep turning around to go forward.

Still it was a great game for a first attempt.

Thanks for sharing.

If it helps demonstrate what I see on my Quest2, I've made an unlisted youtube clip of three attempts I made tonight to play the game where they all crashed - 

This is a great looking and sounding game.

You really feel like you are being restrained by the shackles whilst trying to find the keys.

There are some nice touches like the torch going out when the water rises and the manic laughing of the demon.

I did find the screen went black sometimes (like when looking in the water) even when I thought I was still in the playing area.

Thanks for sharing!

Nice game. Easy to understand and play.

Most of the bugs looked to have been fixed now. The trap door with the fire seems to move to adjacent squares sometimes?

I would have liked more obstacles and for the timer to stop as each level was completed.

Great game!

Nice graphics, good puzzles and the magic spells worked without issue.


Nice game but I'm stuck.

Can you give some clues about what to do?

I have moved the mirrors so some of the columns lower and open up the first chest. 

And I can see that both the blocks and parts of the room have rune markings but nothing happens if I put matching blocks on them.

How do you know which blocks go above the fireplace?

Can you move the room part way or does it always have to go a full quarter turn? I can't line up the red arrow unless it stops mid turn.

A nice puzzle game with some great graphics.

All the controls worked and responded smoothly.

Thanks for sharing.

Wow. Can you give us a clue what to do? I can line up objects (by moving the room around) so I can climb up to the key but I can't reach through the bars to get it.

Nice looking game. The movement was smooth and interaction with the levers and other objects worked perfectly.

I think it would have been nice to have the empty statues located as you walk in. You then get an idea of what you are looking for. I made the mistake of turning right and going into the cave at the start. I had found three of the heirlooms and left them all behind before realising what they were and that I should be collecting them. I then had to go back and get them all.

Thanks for sharing.

Nice shooter game.

The drones were a bit too easy to hit. Maybe they could be smaller?

And have them shoot back sooner to make it more difficult?

There was no message when you lose like there is when you win? It just restarts.

Thanks for sharing.

Great looking game. It was fun to play. 

I liked the idea of things changing between night and day.

But there was no 'congratulations' when you got out?


The pen doesn't seem to work on either Oculus or PC version when used on my Quest2 (via Virtual Desktop for the PC version). I figured out the math problem but can't draw the number on anything - the whiteboard the wall or the door?

By physically walking through the door (on the PC version) I can get to the next room but then I cannot input anything on the keypad. Again I can physically walk through that door and go down the corridor to the laptop.

I tried the bug fix PC version but now I cannot reach the blue bottle on the chair (it keeps moving away as you try to grab it) and the blue crystal under the bench is below floor level so I cannot grab it (even after re-mapping the playing area).

Great looking scenes and very smooth gameplay.

I did keep trying to put the feather in the holster before I found the gun!

It would great to expand this after the Game Jam.

The spiders looked too friendly to shoot!

Thanks for sharing.

Great looking room.

I would have liked more puzzles to solve before escaping but I understand there is a limited time in the Game Jam.

You can escape simply by walking to the side of the door where there is no boundary checking!

Thanks for sharing.

Great looking game and lots of fun to play.

A simple idea given an excellent twist by you being an octopus.

I did think the other 'kids' interrupted the task a bit too much and I would have liked more time to play each game as it was so good.

Some times I played just to watch what was going on in the classroom!

Thanks for sharing.