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In the new 'endless' version, how do you get to the tower that is being attacked? There is no hook to arrach to the zip line?

I can't get further than the first wave. The attackers are out of sight from the main castle and they never move on despite the tower being marked as a full red line (destroyed but still standing).

It looks great but I got stuck after killing the first doll with fire.

I can use the shield against the doll that throws pins but I do not know what I am trying to acheive by get past it.

I have played a few times but get nowhere. I give up after 20 minutes.

There is far too explanation of the story at the doll at the start. Put the background story in the book? That would allow you to play the game each time without having to listen to an explanation of how to play and what to do each time.

I used a Quest 2 but I couldn't turn left or right only forwards?

Nothing happens when I go to

Great game but it definitely needs more checkpoints. It gets annoying having to do the same parts over and over.

Maybe point out that the player can hide and turn off the torch so not to be seen? I did hide in a cupboard but the monster just kept wandering back and forth next to it until I eventually left and was immediately attacked. I actually found it easier to walk around in the dark (without picking up the torch at all) trying to find the way out. 

It wasn't obvious what the button does. It sounded like a door had opened rather than it switch off the electricity (so you can input the codes). And when it moved I thought the game had a render bug rather than it being intentional.

Do the rocks do any damage? I tried to smash the monster with one but to no effect.

Although the monster reacts to the sounds, it doesn't seem to stop them immediately and it can still hurt you. Maybe also have an air horn but with only enough air for 3 uses?

I used the apk on a Quest 2 and I couldn't move into the drivers seat. The arrow turns blue but whatever buttons I press, you don't move.

Good game but I did have some issues.

I found it quite difficult (sometimes) to pick up the bodies. Even more so if they fall off the pallet.

I tried to put two bodies into one grave . I covered them up but only one registered. So I tried to pick up the one that was not fully in the grave but I got the other. Now neither was buried but the grave was used.

The skeletons can hang around outside too much. It went into a loop where I would leave the safe house, they chased me back in, I waited a bit but they were still there when I went back out. 

Sometimes I would be returning to the safe house and be caught. So I enter the house and die.

All these occurred on the old and v2 versions using a Quest 2 headset.

Nice work. 

I assume it is just the start of something bigger?

It was great to explore and have a shoot out.

I see it has just been updated so I will check out what is new.

Thanks for making it.

Here's my effort

This is a great game.

I had loads of fun playing it.

Sometimes I did get a bit stuck wondering what to do.

Thanks for sharing!

Here's my effort:

A great looking and fun game.

I did have to reload a lot.

Thanks for sharing!

Here's my effort:


I didn't really have anywhere suitable to do a pass through video but I will try and find something and give it another go.

A great looking and playing game. 

It is loads of fun.

There is a good soundtrack too.

Pity there are only 3 levels.

Thanks for sharing!

Here's me effort:

An excellent looking and really fun game.

I like the anticipation of seeing the stork and waiting for the 'drop'.

Thanks for sharing!

Here's my effort:

A nice looking game that was fun to play.

The maze was quite complex (rather than too easy) so it took some navigating.

It did come to an abrupt end.

Thanks for sharing.

Here's my effort:

Great work!

A very novel idea with some fun voices and sounds.

The puzzle wasn't too difficult so you get to complete it quite quickly.

Thanks for sharing.

Here's me effort:

A great game. Some nice physics with the ball.

I would have liked the camera to move around a little bit more than it did as sometimes it was difficult to judge the path required.

Thanks for sharing!

Here's my effort.

Nice work. Simple but fun and quite addictive!

Thanks for sharing!

Here's my effort.

A fun game.

The sounds were great and it played well.

I thought it was a bit too easy to bring down the planes and there could be more variety? Maybe helicopters or hanggliders? 

Here's my effort.

Thanks for making it!

Nice work. I liked the art work in the first level plus the items and film posters in the second. Are there only two levels? 

At the end of the first level there are left and right boxed to retry and continue but after the second, just one and that returns to the start menu.

As the exit is behind you on the first level I didn't notice it on my first play. It could be placed so it is more obvious?

Also I put the axe on the bed and couldn't pick it up again as the bed kept moving away as I approached it.

On my second play of the second level, the ragdolls stopped shouting. You just hear the fire.

After playing in the garden a while, I returned down the corridor towards the original room. There I found the door was blocked so I could not get in but then I walked back to the other end (to go back into the garden) and that was closed too. So I was stuck.

A nice idea but the slingshot was really difficult to aim.

The zip file contains source code rather than any executable.

This is excellent!

Just played all the levels in one session.

I have an 'S' on all levels and got the sniper rifle and the big machine gun after it. Are there any more weapons? The room with the bonus level hasn't opened?

After a few attempts at connecting things in the first room that has something on the roof, the connector stops working.

It would be nice if the narrating character (at the start of each level) would appear where you are looking after the loading screen competes. Often I am facing another direction at the end of a level so I just see black and hear voices until I realise I need to turn and see who is talking.

I could shoot the target in level 1 but not the mushrooms in level 2. Everything else was working - moving around, shooting the chest at the start, climbing the ladders.

When you have completed level 1 (mainly the tutorial) you return to the main room (where you can customise your character). At this point I selected 'Resume Game' thinking it would go to the next chapter but it repeated level 1.

Customising the character was difficult. You would spin the dial to select the option but it would often move to another as you let go.

When you do the zip line at the end of level 1, you start to get lower. By the time you reach the end tower, the zip machine is in mid air (much lower than the wire itself) and you move through the wall.

I was using a Quest 2 with Virtual Desktop.

Does this have sound? I played it but could not hear anything on my Quest 2.

Is there a link to the game?


Where are the nopales? In your video they are on the sink but in the game, there is nothing. I'm playing with a Quest 2 and can walk around, play the messages on the tablet and pick things up fine.

I like the idea but I gave up as I can't get passed the colour matching part. Pressing the boxes needs to be better. I either hit the box twice by accident as it does not register the first one or the bench suddenly moves back as I approach it and I end up pressing the wrong box.

I'm using the v3 'apk' on a Quest 2.

I get to the 4th block and the body starts to be assembled. When I put the 5th block on the granite and (accidently) click the assembled block, my hands disappear. As does the horse's body and the legs. I do move quicker but through hills and walls. But I can't do anything from this point.

I've tried it twice.

Only the right eye works on the 'apk' Quest version. The left one is just white. It makes it quite hard to play.

If you throw the baby but miss the net, it falls onto the roof but neither you nor the monsters can then reach it and you are stuck?

Is the ramp supposed to have a gap to the roof or can you jump somehow?

A nice looking game.

I played it on a Quest 2 using Virtual Desktop.

When I tried to pick up the spade, I started to float around the room.

After getting to the teleporter, I saw the 'loading' screen but also got a 'Failed to wait on acquired swapchain image' error - OpenXRHMD_Swapchain.cpp line 93

A great shooter game but it needs to handle turning around better as you see the black borders whenever you move.

And the creatures need to ascend when the terrain does and not disappear into it.

A good looking game.

I did find it a bit difficult to complete. It wasn't clear enough what to do or how to do it.

Often I lost the SMG and thus could only kill a few robots with the shotgun so I never get told the password.

Eventually I just held onto the gun.

After finding the key, I didn't know what the 'teleporter tube' looked like. I spend 10 minutes looking round. There are 'boxes' on the street with matching symbols and a vending machine that is lit up like it should be the answer. I even tried the key on the correct tube but it didn't work the first time.

Also, if you go near the shop under the 'Lamprabbit' sign, you fall through the floor.

Saying 'we will lost the connection' could be phrased better.

Hopefully this helps development.

I would like to see more.

Thanks for sharing.

Here's my effort

Which 'apk' version should be used?

Great work and great sounds.

I thought it got a bit too difficult too early on.

It would be nice if you could go to any level. Or at least the last one you were on. When I restarted the game I had to start at level 1 again.

It needs some sounds.

And don't make the player go through the tutorial instructions every time they die.