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Mana Brigade

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We're working on a proper demo right now, with a tutorial to help "onboarding".
And handles in different materials are planned, but not sure if we can get them ready for the next demo 🤔 We'll see! 😁🔨

Thanks! 😁🥰

Thanks! 😂 Nice video! Always fun to see new players enjoying our experiences 😊

If WMR is supported through the SteamVR API, you should just be able to rebind the actions to any buttons that work for you! 😄
We don't have WMR controllers to debug from here, but let us know if it works! 🙂

That is definitely on our radar! 

Although currently it's planed for a later stage in development, but we'll keep you updated when we have any news! :)

Thank you! Yeah, we're currently working on the grabbing systems and changing out the white-box models. :)

We're glad you've enjoyed it so far, and definitely, we're thinking about how to introduce and help the player to create the shapes they want. We don't want to make too many constraints for the player though, so it's an interesting task. 

The pencils will currently only work if the piece has been hardened, indicated with smoke when cooling from a hot temperature, they are quite finicky at the moment though, as they are concepts of tools we want the player to have. Currently, it works sort of like an "airbrush" holding it near, and pressing A or B should work.

We're looking forward to the next iteration! :)

Yeah, It's still in a very early prototype stage so there's a lot of tuning left in those areas. We're looking forward to hear your feedback in the future updates! :)

Awesome, tell us how you liked it when you're done! :)

This is a project we made for a student course in media technology. The game is about exploring and the feeling of curiosity~ So just have fun!

The game is currently only for oculus quest and the file is an APK file for the oculus quest android system. Feel free to leave a comment, hope you enjoy!