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Devlog #4

Yesterday was pretty productive and today was pretty ok until...Lunch time. Because there's not much food in the house;;; So I ended up napping and when I woke up I was waiting for my parents to come home with food so I didn't get back to work until after dinner around 8ish PM.

So the bad news is I can't do as many nice animations I originally planned since I lost time today and other things came up that are also due before Jan 31st :^( Which sucks because these are pretty last minute things.
ANYWAY! Onto what I actually did these past two days!!

I worked on Avery's house and everyone's sprites! ( Although the talk sprites are the only ones currently completed)

The problem tho which is what I mentioned in the bad news is that I cut some nice art ideas. Everyone was suppose to have an idle animation. Now they just have one frame when standing ;-;
Avery's walk animation was supposed to be this (but finished and fixed a but more cause I was lacking energy when animating this)

Now it's just this :l  ( I need to fix this a bit more tho too) 

But it's all to complete the game on time!! I may update it with *nicer* animations like I had previously envisioned at a later date.

And then. There's the script for the game that is like 10% done. I'm going to be fixing the full rough outline tonight along with finishing up the last bit of art assets as planned for today!!! So the next devlog will be uploaded on Friday(or Saturday) and I will hopefully be halfway done with the game or more so I can have people playtest it and give feedback!!

For now I'm going to get back to work. >-> Hope everyone else is doing alright!!