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I really enjoyed the game! I did a little playthrough of the game here! (Nanami's Route) I did run into a lot of grammar and spelling issues in the English text of the game. But otherwise, I had a really good time! I think I might do another playthrough and try and get with Rika, just to learn more about her. I'm also happy about the choice made with Sakura. I don't want to get too into her character to avoid spoilers but I apperciate the way the developer executed that part of the narrative. I also ran into a crash at the very end when trying to look through the bonus content. Hopefully that will be fixed in a future patch along with the english grammar! Keep up the great work dev!

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Awesome, thank you ^^ I love watching letsplays of my games :)

And about the crash, it has been corrected very recently. click on the button "update available" when it will appear in game.

And for the grammar, i'm still looking for volunteers to correct it. ;p

I would love to help with the english translation! Feel free to message me if you'd like the help!

Would be a pleasure! ^^ Send me a mail here and i'll send you the details