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Devlog #3!!! 

 Oh dang it's been two weeks since I last posted a devlog and in those two weeks I've been busy with tests at school, I kinda got sick last week but!! 

I finished programming what I still needed and ended up cutting sooome stuff because of the time constraint.
And cutting as in I wanted three minigames and a whole petting yr bird thing to be in the game but I don't have time so surprisingly I'm going to just have what I originally planned wow :0
As in:

- 2 minigames
- 2 endings
- And a save system

 On the bright side I have all of this week off from school! This week I'm going to be working on ALL the art assets so they are 100% done! And also the actual script for the game cause I started on it but didn't finish it >-> 
Main reason I'm worried about completing all the art(well the game as a whole rather) is because my school is letting all of its student get a table at this convention for fanfaire for free!! Which is really cool and all but now I'm trying to prepare art etc for next month sooo yeah.

The pixel art animations I'm gonna make another devlog for it on Wednesday.

To ensure I don't stress myself the heck out I drew all the emotes the characters will have tonight real quick so I just KNOW what to draw tomorrow on.

Anyway hope everyone's week is off to a good start ;v;