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holy crap... I played the first version, which just had like 5 songs, since the begining, and seeing this new version of the demo with story development, actually places to move around, different looks to notes, and so many other features, I'm just mind blown. I'm just gonna play this for a few days straight if you don't mind...

also i want to tell you your game site is down

Ye! We're looking into it!

I'll admit: i've been holding off on playing the original 5 songs that were in the version 1.0 demo. that was a mistake, a BIG one. all the songs got updated and the beatmaps got redone, making it much more challenging and fun. also the story elements are extremely tied in with the game, making the story aspect much more immersive. I'm definetly buying the game when it comes out! also there is some lore to the story, starting with a woman swearing somewhat at the end of proper rhythm. wonder who that woman is...