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when it's ready!!!

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we've been working on custom-keybinds for awhile, can't give a ETA but we're still completing work on it amongst other improvements!

edit: keybinds are now in !

thank you for playing!

submitting on behalf of our composers at peak divide:

the patch is live!

It's fixed in the next patch we plan on releasing!

I believe flip controls are possible with the current control presets! keybind remapping is coming very soon, and i mean VERY soon

We took ARCADE MIX offline as we just released a newer version of it - the episodic side demo UNBEATABLE [white label]!

Hey there! The new version is our current final version of WAITING (updated at the request of our game's composers). We do not plan on bringing that version back

Ye! We're looking into it!

Hiya! What note did you miss? We can look into that


We're looking into this - the download works directly from the page itself in the meantime

both the steam and itch versions will receive patches/updates simultaneously!

This is peak divide's first big project!

Hiya - we'll look into disabling vibration for controllers in the future, sorry for the trouble! If you'd like, you could also give it a play on keyboard and see if that is any more comfortable

We do!

With version 1.04 (being released on Friday), there should be features that will help minimize eye strain. for now, you can also turn off the VHS filter / post-processing effects!

try using the offset wizard to see if that helps (it's in options)

note: this should now be fixed!

The final game will come to PC / Mac / Linux!

There is a offset wizard in the options! We're working on custom keybindings :)

Only focused on PC / Mac / Linux for now!

We're aware of the bug and are still trying to fix it. Thank you for giving our game a shot!

Unfortunately, 32-bit development has ended for newer Unity versions, so we cannot develop a version for 32-bit systems, sorry :(

we will be!

Noted on a 144 FPS option! But yea we'd recommend turning on v-sync.

Hmmm okay! We're working on fixing core issues tonight and will be seeing about patching sometime soon. Sorry for the trouble!

Try V1.0B and see if it works! It worked in previous builds, so something in the settings must had gone bork

Hm, gotcha. We'll look into it and see what's up, we're really sorry about that! 

Try the V1.0B build and see if that fixes any issues!

We will be doing that later down the line. Stay tuned for more details!

We have 1.0B up in the meantime as the latest version has a strange issue that seems to break on other computers (on all of our dev computers the song doesn't bug out)

There's audio for missing but it is a little too quiet, we'll be turning it up!

When it's ready! We've chosen to give it more time to give it a lot of polish - you can see more details on it here:

all of those are changes we'll be looking down the line if not for [white label] / ARCADE MIX, for the final game! Key rebinds are our most popular request for sure and we'll get those in soonest we can.

We'll have more granular effects but turning post-processing should remove the blur.

Noted! Rebindable Controls will be added soon, we're working on it!