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Just tried it, it's fantastic. great concept!

Just a few things could be added here and there. 

I would prefer if a lot of the game elements were made more distinct since in the time that I played it, I had trouble telling the stage from the timing hud on the crosshair due to it not having enough contrast. There's also nothing in the game that tells you the control scheme, so I would improve on that later on, maybe.

Other than that, I love this project

Is the scroll wheel supposed to make the application unusable? cause that's what happens.

I'll admit: i've been holding off on playing the original 5 songs that were in the version 1.0 demo. that was a mistake, a BIG one. all the songs got updated and the beatmaps got redone, making it much more challenging and fun. also the story elements are extremely tied in with the game, making the story aspect much more immersive. I'm definetly buying the game when it comes out! also there is some lore to the story, starting with a woman swearing somewhat at the end of proper rhythm. wonder who that woman is...

also i want to tell you your game site is down

holy crap... I played the first version, which just had like 5 songs, since the begining, and seeing this new version of the demo with story development, actually places to move around, different looks to notes, and so many other features, I'm just mind blown. I'm just gonna play this for a few days straight if you don't mind...

I feel so sad after i finished the game, and after exploring some secrets. there is a bug with the music when entering a fight, and the encounter rate it too high, but otherwise, 9.5/10

This is actually unique from all the other rhythm games out there, considering the stark control difference from other game. asthetic is nice too. only thing i would add is some sort of screensaver. the asthetic and music is too good not to have playing while doing something else in the background. add a feature that allows you to have the girl staring out of the train window without the menus or anything like that, and that would ad more to the game other than the actual game part. think of it like the trophy room in super smash bros.