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Hello! I liked how 7 tricked me a bit. It wasn't super hard but it took a few tries because it's so hardwired into me when I'm playing games that I need to COLLECT EVERYTHING. Really wanted that second key lol. Something cool I noticed was that at first I had tried to count tiles. 3 left, 1 down, etc... But I couldn't remember well and it made me do worse. When I just focused on the look of the map it got a lot easier.  Floor 10 was my first game over.  I'm really bad at memory games so I'm not sure if that's good or not.  It's really cute and I love the little knight and the music. The "Nooo!" message was great as well! 


Thank you for playing Quinn! Your comments are very interesting.

  • The concept of Level 7 was the one you said, break a bit the non-writen rule of gaming that says that if a object is in the game world, it must be for something. 
  • Level 10 is a hell level. I think that maybe i was too hard in this one and it is placed very early on. Maybe i move this one as level 16 or so.
  • Memory games are tricky and as i learned in this experience, hard to design because  as i already know the layout of the levels, the memory part is small in my debug and level balancing.

I hope you had a good time!