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Yes there are a few issues. The game definitely needs a 'all' button, like how you can right click for 10x, but instead 'all'. Perhaps the A button on the keyboard could be assigned this function? Also there are a ton of things that could be turned into upgrades that many people would make a script for.. auto-selling of things when they are at their maximum and are being auto-generated. Auto-collecting of bugs when you have 'excess' energy in the same function.

Also perhaps a option to repeat the same map you just completed would be nice as well.


hi! thanks a lot for playing and your feedback and ideas! 

- i will add autosave, i did not realize how important it is .) sorry for losing night progress :D i wonder, how you used autoclicker - most of things have its maximums...?

- the scrolls seems working to me - if you hover over a scroll, you should see its mana production per second and also if you hover over mana, you should see how scrolls contribute to mana

this doesnot work in your case?

- all button: yep, i was thinking about possibility to switch right mouse button function (like 10-100-all or something like this). i like dedicated key idea

- scripts for autobuy, autosell - i like the idea and you are not first who told me this :D. I will add some such feature, i think automated selling (unlocked after some time) could be significant improvement (and it wont be so much work)

- repeating maps (battles?) - at the moment you can repeat maps, but you can collect map rewards only first time; you mean that maps would have some rewards every replay? im thinking about generating random battles based on templates

- auto progress - you mean offline production?

thanks a lot again! this feedback is really valuable for me. for me testing game is really time consuming, sometimes i dedicate evening to play the game and be able to balance things, correct mechanisms etc.. :D 

(btw if you played long time, there is not much more new content... game is still too beta)

Scrolls only gave Mana Production after getting the 'empower frog' upgrade. If this is intentional, maybe the tooltip for scrolls could say such?

All button is a MUST for Wizcoins.

Repeating map, I mean that when you complete the map, and are at the Rewards screen, it could give you a button to 'Repeat same map' This way you don't have to go back to the Map menu and re-select/start the map.

This is also what I meant for 'auto-progress', like when you defeat a monster in Map, you have a option to auto-progress onto the next monster. Not off-line gains (although would be good), but instead you can start a map, and then progress through the monsters.

For the autoclicker, I had it sell everything that I auto-produced (bugs/herbs i think at the time) and then buy Wizcoin. This way when I woke up I had a bunch of wizcoin which I could sell when it was high. Wizcoin has no maximum so it was the only thing I could invest into and receive benefits when I was actively playing again. Also clearing a bunch of space was also good.

Yes, youre right with scrolls, its bug, i made it when adding frog. 

Thanks for explanation. Then autoprogress is on roadmap, i also want to add some rewards for already completed maps. 
But roadmap is long and wide (and changing sometimes according to my mood :D)

Regarding wizcoins, i think i need to nerf them a bit and also change the level progress pricing approach. I made this increasing cost as a quick solution, it is okey in the game start but i feel that its boring when the cost gets too high. I yesterday talked to my brother who played till level 80 just thanks to wizcoin, making all other gold producing activities irrelevant.

Yes wizcoin ends up blowing all the other gold production out of the water. However, it eventually becomes basically the only means of producing levels at a decent pace. Perhaps other gold production could be buffed in some fashion as well? But I think 'auto excess selling' would probably help with this quite a bit so... perhaps wait until everything falls into place and then do some balancing? Your call.


Yes, you are right, doesnot make sense to do balancing before implemening new game mechanisms. And fixing bugs. :)