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I don't think a Horse spawns in 0.0.9c I could be wrong.

ShopSim located in c users username appdata local I believe is the location, it contains save informations, The save file isn't located in the folder one would specifically presume though, If I recall correctly. To be safe, I'd just delete the whole shopsim outta the local folder to ensure fresh beginnings.

Then make a new game.


I dunno that the cart/horse are the same in 9 - I know there is a horse on the map, it's located way up...  "north?" technically west?

you got to take posts with a grain of salt and measure their posted date/time ago btw - especially in alphas and betas.- EA and such. often times their content changes and the post is only relevant for the version/date they're related to. 0.0.9 only came out like.. maybe a week ago. So in general, you want to pay the least attention to things older than a week at this point - They can still have relevant info - but chances are they aren't going to explain or answer your burning questions for this build

i deleted the ShopSim from local, and made a new game, but still no horse. i guess you may be right but i dont know why i had the horse and carriage the first time.