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Hi. I really like this even if it;s still demo version :)

I really like like how you let the player choose what MC will tell, do and even what kind of personality has she. It's very great idea. I really felt like I'm "in controll" of what will happen.

I also really like the artstyle. Everything in this game looks great: characters, backgrounds and even menu & interface. Well eveything except gray, shadow-like placeholer characters but I'm sure that in final version of the game all them will raplaced with great looking sprites.

Music works great too. Well composed and well chosen pieces very fits the style of game and epoque.

I'm sure it's gonna be good game, when finally realised. I'm waiting :)

Hello, MrMar, thank you for the feedback. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the demo and the control you have over aspects of the MC. 

I doubt I will be replacing the grey sprites with actual sprites as they are only minor characters and this decision was made to keep costs down and means I can keep the game price lower. 

That said, I will be replacing the flat grey sprites currently being used with ones that are a bit more polished. I hope their inclusion will not mar the game too much for you.

Well, you will not have long to wait now - release is still scheduled for February - so I hope you enjoy the full game once it is available.

Many thanks for playing