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1. Hey! My name on here is ghoulishkid, but I'm also Quinn. I'm a college kid, an animator and illustrator who very badly wants to break into game development. I've done a few games for school projects but I've never participated in a jam before. I've never really seen anything like the community here on and just the idea of participating in this jam has me so stoked.

2. Nope, this is my first ever jam! I'm joining because this is something that has me so excited. I'm new to game development and I'd like to finish projects and get feedback for them. And, of course, have lots of fun doing it!

3. Indie games are the bees knees for me, really haha. Though AAA games made me fall in love with gaming as a kid, what makes me so excited about games is the indie scene. Hotline Miami, Gone Home, Pony Island, and pretty much everything Anna Anthropy's ever done haha, those are my favorites. Anna's book, Rise of the Videogame Zinesters, also has been inspiring me to finally make games.

4. I have experience coding games in Processing. It's a super easy language specifically made for visual artists to learn how to code, which is perfect for me! I think it's pretty under utilized as a beginners language, especially as a game making tool. Once you know the tricks, you can make fully functional games with it. It's awesome.

5. I'm passionate about art, in so so so many forms haha. Specifically interactive and digital art. But honestly my interests are all over the map, with movies, comics, and games always being in the forefront.