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Well... I really  like this game.

It has only one sigle small defect. The graphic style. Well... It's not as good as it should be...  But it's only a little detail. And it's easy get used to it.

Music and sounds are good. Voices are very well done. And I really like that you  putted them in game.

But the best part of this game is plot. And dialogues. It's real masterpiece. Seroiusly one of the best (and maybe even the best) of the plots I've seen in game. It's very serious and deep.  A bit sad but also gives the player a chance to reach the happiest and best ending for all the bad things that happened in our protagonist's life.  And I'm proud of myself I've got the heppiest plausible ending :D . 

Characters are very great. All of them have their own, different  personalities, roles in plot. 

And it's very long like for visual novel and indie game 

Thank you for the input! We're going to be releasing it with updated graphics on Steam sometime later this year. We only had a month to develop the entire game from scratch, so we had to cut a lot of corners. Again, thank you so much for your kind words!

~Wolf, Studio Director