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Overall I'm pretty impressed by this. I know it's still a demo and all that but there is a pretty huge amount of stats, attributes and the like from the start. I worry that it's going to replace some depth that may be possible with the combat mechanics but as a demo it stands up really well. I'd love to see some more directional attacks when it comes to combat so all of the depth isn't relegated to the menu screens. Other than that, a bit of story would be nice but this is all a really solid foundation!


Every area, object, enemy, boss and NPC (by the way, you missed 3 of them) have a story. It's like a souls-borne game, you have your story and a huge lore to explore :)

We are not english native speakers, so we decided to release a gameplay-only demo (it's not easy to translate complex text).

Anyway, thank you for playing and congrats, your video is amazing (but you missed a lot of things :D).