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Auto Tiles with a normal swamp version, swamp locations, Special lava site location, garrison to block and mean a checkpoint, Guard tower, Decorated rock building, More castles of different looks, towns with new looks, power Fountain locations, single well location, Special Dwarf entrance into the mountains, A dungeon site that is a lightly fancy tile box shape with a sing door,  Tavern on the world map,  a Maze/ labrynth, A collossal tall giant tree that has an extra long trunk and is patched with metal and has a structure running up the tree, Angelic / Paladin like building, Special desert cave that is like aladin's cave of wonder but this is simply not aladin's. Gaint flowers sort of like the giant mushrooms, A giant cactus with an entrance at ground level and maybe windows, Giant spike rocks that shoot upward that can sometimes be slightly diagonal, A Ranch location on the map,  A tower supporting a giant human eye ball...  These are just some idea that could help.... 

I really need the large tree with a metal sci fi almost structure goin up through and around the tree.... and of course you don't need to bother with this one if you're not feeling the idea.

Thanks!  Got all that written down, very helpful!