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Thank you! Glad you had a fantastic time with the game up to completing it!

Is there anything you'd like to see added to the world? 🦈


Hi! Hmm nothing comes to mind atm, other than more islands/fish to discover, or additional mini-games. I was at a loss on how to unlock the final ship (was circling the map repeatedly to check everything) till I noticed the hint under 'Features' on your main page - so maybe that could be added into the game itself (perhaps as a hint when hovering over the silhouette of the missing ship). All in all a great game. ^^


Oh, yeah, that's certainly good feedback. Since the game doesn't really have much to do, we added it as a "completionist reward", but were we to enhance the experience, it'd certainly be best to give hints or clues for stuff that is not immediately intuitive. We'll take that into consideration, thanks! 😊