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Simple game with gorgeous art :D

The game is quite buggy for me (keeps crafting battery fridges instead of selected items), but cute aesthetics and idea :) If it was working properly I'd be a fan. 

10/10. Your work is beautiful, meaningful, profound. Thank you. <3

Hi! Hmm nothing comes to mind atm, other than more islands/fish to discover, or additional mini-games. I was at a loss on how to unlock the final ship (was circling the map repeatedly to check everything) till I noticed the hint under 'Features' on your main page - so maybe that could be added into the game itself (perhaps as a hint when hovering over the silhouette of the missing ship). All in all a great game. ^^

Nice concept and design, just the right amount of challenge for me. :)

Check out the gameplay vids in comments~ someone also posted the solutions ^^

One man's slow descent into insanity...or was he already unraveled in the first place? Either way, great game. I like how you kept things open-ended. Nothing like an upbeat vibe for existential horror. :)

Simple but effective. :) Good bait for the film.

Goddammit Sarah D:<<<

Great game :)))

Amusing and cute. :) I had to explore a bit to progress at certain points (maybe the placement of some objects could 'guide' the player better), but other than that, nice game!

Gorgeous art style and dynamic animation. The character designs are beautiful. Very cute game! <3

Love the beat, chill vibes and art style. Wish I could see more characters ^^

Very cute and chill game. Love the art style and all the little jokes sprinkled throughout. Played through to the end till I unlocked my special ship. :)

Wonderfully imaginative and surreal. :) My favorite bit was the Shakespearean fly. I liked the clean and minimalistic layout too. Well done!

Very nicely done. Rainbow Cat was my favorite. :)

Thanks for the link! I'll check it out ^^

Fuyuko is adorable in that costume. ;-; I found myself fast-forwarding the dialog quite a bit as it was a little repetitive, but the art style and general aesthetic is great. A nice, chill game. <3

A sweet, cute game. :) This is the first time I've played a game in such a tiny format! The music and sound effects were charming too. Nicely done.

So cute xD Especially the ending with the spiders. I think I ran into a glitch where the 'acquired a sandwich' dialog looped. Other than that, nice game and concept. :)

A lovely and unique fever dream. I liked the music too :D

Very interesting game. I liked the open-ended nature of it and the character designs. Dr. D. Light was lovely.. ;-;

Absolutely adorable game. XD Took some trial and error but finally figured it out. Sweet freedom!

Seriously adorable graphics. c: The frogs noshing on noodles and onigiris made me hungry. I encountered a bug on level 1 where I got stuck in a little nook on the ceiling, but gameplay was smooth otherwise. Enjoyed all the hidden levels too. Great demo! ^^

Intimate and dark. Very creative and nicely done. :)

Beautiful score and concept. :) Figuring out the controls was a bit confusing but it was enjoyable after that. I had to replay multiple times to get the finale though (small black mouse/pointer against the void made it hard to follow the music trail). An uplifting game overall.

Interesting idea! A bit hard for me after the first room but concept and art are good :)

Fun platformer! The design is unique and everything is put together nicely. Very cool game. :D

Intriguing. I'm having a hard time thinking of what to say, but I liked it. Very descriptive writing, I like the open-ended interpretations that the game creates. That ending got me good owo;; Tbh I did start to skim the more I read - but that last letter pulled me back in and reframed everything. A really unique experience overall. Well done.

Nice concept and puzzles! The music was relaxing :) But neither me nor my partner could figure out the puzzle once the Mondrian grid came into play. We were confused by how the number of sides were counted for certain shapes? Still enjoyable overall though, the increasing difficulty was quite a challenge.

A peaceful, chill game. Nice atmosphere and art :)

Loved the spooky atmosphere conjured, the pixel art and that Twilight Zone feel. Really nice. :D

Gorgeous use of graphics and sound design. This felt very polished and complete. The sound that the little bird makes as it's walking is adorable too. Excellent all round! :)

Nice game. :) I was a little spooked at first but the creature turned out to be a good soul, and in the end I found all 4 endings. Liked the soothing soundtrack too.

Fun and humorous game! I enjoyed going back and forth to find new words :3

Creepy and atmospheric. Very nicely done! :)

Gorgeous animation and art style. :) Echoing other comments, I would suggest adding checkpoints and maybe increasing the number of lives starting out as well. Difficulty-wise it's still acceptable for me (similar to Cuphead, it's possible to progress with repeated attempts). 

On the technical side, the game hung very badly upon loading and crashed. It was only playable for me on Steam, but I still experienced some lag upon startup and during gameplay. This is a very cute, fun game that has a lot of potential. I would be happy to replay if the overall experience was smoother.

Very interesting game. I really liked the way that Laynie's trauma was revealed, and I felt for her. A tense and captivating experience.

Cute little story :)

Cute and nostalgic feel. :) I died rather quickly but there's something about its simplicity that I like.

10/10. Your games are just fantastic. Brilliant use of the medium to convey an emotional story. <3