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The 'Game Over' sound startles me every single time o-o; Nice game!


Cute graphics and a nice story. I enjoyed the song at the end too :)

Great game, very nuanced. I liked the subtle touches like the gentle camera tilt that gave an ever-present feeling of emotional instability, and the shifting of colors to indicate the passage of time. Poor Victorine..and poor Gabriel too. Everyone felt sadly trapped in a way, spending time together, yet strangers to each other.

Love the creepy aesthetic. Intriguing game :)

Such a cute and wholesome game. The ending makes me fuzzy ^^

Points for originality XD

Beautiful little game. The soundtrack suggestion went nicely with it :)

Thanks for the tip :)

Quiet and meditative. Nice game. :)

Very cute game! But it was pretty hard to drop the presents, I couldn't get past lvl 2 xD

Adorable art and characters! I played till I got all 10 endings and Jam's one  was the best ;-;

Very cool concept and execution. Excellent. :)

Beautiful poem <3

I got in on day 60!

Fun and cute little game :)

Np! Thanks for the experience. ^^

I didn't realize there were multiple endings :o I was sedated and told that Evelyn had passed away shortly after, but that I had been by her side when she died. There was a kind of emotional detachment that didn't feel like the end of a long relationship (or maybe the ending was just a bit short). I did like the story overall though, and thought it was well-written.

I feel sorry for George and Evelyn :(

There's something about the ending that felt a bit abrupt and unsatisfactory, but I enjoyed the story overall. The slow buildup was good. Nicely done!

Very nice.

Solid writing. <3 I couldn't enter fullscreen for some reason on Firefox and some of the white text was hidden when overlaid on the illustrations, but I enjoyed it overall. Thank you for this. :)

I picked 'The Forensic Artist' as nothing else seemed to quite fit what I think he would like. Good writing and feels. I wish some of the in-game reviews weren't so mean/superficial, and I probably would read most or all of the comics on that shelf.