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Thank you! Really glad that you liked the art! 😊 And thank you for the suggestions/comments! We're still balancing what we can do for the upcoming 1.2 expansion, but we're taking notes for the long-term too.

As for the trading colours, green always represents when something is a better deal for you. Items in green in the Town's Inventory means that you're getting the item for bellow the average price, while in your inventory it means you're selling them for more than the average price. Red represents the opposite, meaning that the item is more expensive in town than the average, and that you're selling it for lower as well. 💰


Ahhhh thanks for the explanation! I’ve got a strong background in finance so I guess it’s hard to break my heuristic bias where red & green signal price increased and decreases xD

Good luck! Scoping is so hard xD