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I really like the idea behind this game the entire thought of breaking out of prison to give your baby girl a teddy bear is very intriguing. Because the game was released a few days ago I don't know how much more you plan on changing or adding but these are some things I would love to see. More of a process to escape the prison (whether that means getting a key or finding/crafting items to make a pick with, etc.) Maybe a flashback of the incident to show why we are in prison, I really want to know how we got here. And lastly I'd like to see some more story (If the flashback has family story in it then great) I loved the concept but I didn't have as much of a connection to Sarah as I wanted to, *SPOILERS* I felt defeated when Heather left with Sarah, but if you make us love the character, the leave of Heather and Sarah with hit 10 times harder. *SPOILERS OVER* I thought the visuals were great I really liked the way the trees and sky looked! I did have trouble with the walking pace at times and the area with the boxes that you have to jump on to get out of the prison, but besides that the rest of it ran beautifully. I think if you could clean this game up a bit you'd have something that could really tug at our heart strings. I look forward to seeing what you do in the future! :) 

Thanks for playing and for the suggestions. I plan on updating it eventually, so I'll keep these comments in mind.

Awesome! I look forward to it! :D