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Played half of the game and I don't mean to shit on it, but I don't see potential here. The gameplay is basically nonexistent as you are just walking around with very little direction while what I assume is stolen music is playing in the background. Also, I didn't see another character during my time playing the game which eliminates all immersion and  walking speeds are frustratingly slow at times. Finally, the story isn't unique or compelling. Again, I'm not trying to be a dick, but after seeing all of the positive feedback from people who didn't want to hurt your feelings I felt I needed to post this. If this is one of your first games I hope the development of this game teaches you a lot, but imo this game will never be great. I wish you luck and I look forward to seeing better games from you in the future!


Thanks for playing!

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Rubbish. This beats most of the crap that comes out on gamejolt and Itch.io. As with most games on here it has some issues but nothing that 'spoilt' the atmosphere of the game. I enjoyed playing it and it had nothing to do with hurting anyone's feelings.


Everyone is entitled to their opinion. This kind of experience isn't for everybody. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Others may not (see above). But that's fine. I made it for specific kind of person. Not every song, TV show, or movie will appeal to everybody. So it is with interactive experiences. Maybe it's not much of a game, but I'm happy with the experience I crafted, flawed though it may be.