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Thing I love about this game is the anticipation of something is going to happen always keeping you on edge. Weird assed monkey armed people tho. lol

Real life simulator. Wish my work days could speed up like that tho. :)

Interesting game. Wish there had been a bit more to do and might have been if I had entered the basement. Maybe I missed more.

Never seen Ducks with bright red glowing eyes (thank god) so will keep feeding them at the local pond until I do. Nice game but as Miki says below the fear bar was way too loud. Loved the random placements of the ducks too for every game. Was a nice replayability touch. Well done dream team.

For two days this wasn't half bad. 

Creepy written all over this one. Always waiting for someone to get you or be there. Anticipation was the real horror here. Good stuff.

Lovely little game that doesn't make you think to hard about anything but captures a great atmosphere.

Very cool game with spooky no eyed characters building that tension up a bit more.

Looks nice but the game felt more annoying than fun to play although the big plus to this was the bird on the conveyor looking at you at all times.


Nice game that goes through a lot of things. There is something about backwards playing music that instantly sets an atmosphere.


This was very good. The grungy hallways and lighting were done so well.

Very short and just moving around but great graphics and cut scenes.

This went from cool to spooky to just plain weird but all done with a great atmosphere. Gratz.

Sorta christmas but PT style. Good stuff.

This is a very cool game. One jumpscare almost made me throw the mouse it was so unexpected. lol

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For made by a 12 year old in 2 days and there first 3d project this was really pretty good. Pat on the back from me. :) 

This was put together extremely well and looked amazing making the atmosphere very creepy.

Nice little collection of games to put together and play. Good stuff.

HA ! Winner winner chic... Oh.

The aesthetic of the game is fantastic and gives a great atmosphere.


A game that just gets to it which was awesome. Add in the atmosphere and you have a short but extremely good game.

Cool concept and a nice little game to hunt for the correct gifts.

Thought this was going to be pants but it actually was really good. Enjoyed this a lot.

Looks great, Plays great and I don't have to add christmas music in it like I did with the original game. Good stuff. :)

Really extremely well made and well done game. Played this again after and got hung on the lamp !


This was very cool. Not sure about the face jumpscare but the rest of it was well done.

For how old this is this is still a great game.

Cool 2nd part and a lot longer this time too. Great story and endings.

This was pretty cool and thanks for the mail about it. Couldn't find the last number but guessed it in the end.

Cute little game that's great for kids.

Not a lot to this but it does feel Christmassy and plays without any problems. Need to now add room decorations. Table with food and drink. More rooms and guests at the end in a nice cutscene.


Really short but a straight to the point game and very well made.

This was great and well put together.

Very cool atmospheric game. 

Strange game but done in a fantastic way. Gotta keep those pigs fed !

Wow. This was great. So much meaning and all put together really well.

Amazing what you can do with sounds to tell a story. Superb.

Strange game but fun to play.

Great little stories and got to know all the characters well.