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its very nice visual novel.

its very longs as for demo version. I've been playing here full version game shorter than this.

well about the story... i tought its gonna be another dating sim taking place in school. but im very suprised how it changed on the end of 1st day of class.
i have to admit game is a bit sad. and its had how both main characters feel after what happened this time.
the dialogs are very well wrote too.
the idea is good and very original.   
i would tell more details but I dont want to spoil it.

i like how game is based on making choices in a lot of situation.
not every visual novel do it.
and i really like when ican make choice and decide how the story will continue :)

You could make the better interface (I mean easy way to check Uni map or how good is Mel's  marks).
The artstyle is great. All the characters and background looks very nica and detailed. I also very like music

well after finishing this I'm stoned. and a bit sad. 

anyway, I hope I'll buy the final version  

Hello and thanks for the feedback. I am glad to hear you enjoyed the game even though it was a bit sad – and thanks for keeping your comments spoiler free ^_^