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Really cool and nice little game! I like the style, and I figured the OST was made with BeepBox :)

I'm curious with one thing, tho: how did you implement the wavy and colorful text effects? Drawing each letter as individual objects? Just curious if you're using a different method.

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It's actually not as complicated as it of the reasons I've grown quite fond of Bitsy CX. In the dialogue settings box, just put these codes before and after the text you want to effect, with multiple codes for multiple effects:

{wvy} - wavy text

{rbw} - Rainbow-style text

{shk} - Shaky text

For example, if you typed {rbw}{wvy}TEXT{wvy}{rbw}, you would get the output TEXT with a colorful and wavy effect. There are also settings in Bitsy that let you do this to an entire dialogue box, which is how I learned the codes.

Glad you enjoyed our game! (^-^)

Thanks a lot, I did knew it was just that easy! You don't imagine the pain it is to do that on other game engines XD

No problemo, glad I could help