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1. Haize! I'm the 'moski. I'm a mexican art-designer-wanna-be who does general gaming art, from fanart to YouTube Channel Art for others.

2. I've been interested in the indie game culture for years now. I haven't participated on any jams from, since I've been very busy, nor do I know how to actually code, so I'm expecting to join along a friend that can do that so I can focus on the art and some overall designing.

3. From the development perspective, my favorites are Cave Story, Binding of Isaac and Stardew Valley. The first and last are impressive because of how big they become by being made by a single person, while BoI has a lot of personal story from the creator reflected into it. It's documentation is glorious.

4. The only experience I've got is some RPG Maker projects. The only released one, and most successful, was The Farming One, made in 2014 for an RPG Maker contest. It's still floating around and free, if anyone wants to give it a shot. It was made by me and the friend that I'm expecting to do the coding on this project. We've learned and improved a lot since then.

5. My passions are video-games, but I don't think that there's anyone here joining out of sheer obligation. So, other than that, some TV shows and comics, and drawing original characters, designing worlds for them. If anyone wants to get in contact, here's a blatant advertising for my twitter, hoping this is not against the rules :v

Looking forward to seeing your projects. Who knows? Maybe we can collaborate in the future! :3