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oh my gosh thank you so much!!! this comment made my day, i'm so happy that i could cheer you up like that! and no worries about not being able to pay more than the minimum, i'm just glad you were able to read it!

if you'd like to print it out, i can email you a copy of the for-print PDF so you can assemble it zine-style (how i do when i sell physical copies.) just send me an email at and i'll send it over!

and if you want to check out any of my other work but can't afford it, you can email me! i'm happy to send work to folks who can't afford it, especially if they're also trans :D you might like GENDERWRECKED-- visual novel that's coming out on my itch in a couple weeks.

thanks again for the sweet comment!

xo ryan rose

Aaaaaaa I'm super duper happy that I made your day!! ^o^
And oooooo okay, that'd be cool! I'll make sure to email you about the printed copy, and in the future of other works C: I looked at GENDERWRECKED, it looks amazing! :3 Thank YOU for your sweet comment, it made my morning ^w^ Your artwork is amazing! 

<3 Rain