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thank you for this very sweet comment 🖤🖤🖤

thank you so much!

more or less, yes. i was working on the full game at the beginning of 2020 but then the pandemic derailed my plans, and then i lost a lot of my game files. i've moved on to other projects but i think the demo still stands well on its own!

i'm so glad you enjoyed!! who's your professor? i know a couple academics who teach genderwrecked so i'm curious whether it's someone i know. thank you!

oh hell yes congrats on the good grade!! i would love to read your essay if you want to share, my email is 😊

thank you so much for this lovely thoughtful comment! you are most definitely on base with the neurodivergent reading too 😊

i missed this comment until now but thank YOU so much! i'm glad you found something in our game 💞

😭😭😭 what a sweet comment!! sending so much love to you and yours 💞

ooh is that with dr teddy pozo? glad you enjoyed!!

ahh thank you so much this is so sweet!! 10/10 comment :)

aww thank YOU so much for this sweet comment!! it means a lot to hear from y'all and i'm so glad our game stuck with you <3

thank you both!!

thank you so much!! we love you too <3


was that the smithsonian american art museum arcade in summer 2019?? i'm so glad you found us again!

oh wow thank you for these kind words, i'm glad it meant something to you <3

thank you so much, i'm glad our game spoke to you!

thank you so much!!

sort of! it's been on an extended hiatus because of the pandemic and also i've been in grad school. i haven't abandoned it but i can't give an estimate on when it will done - probably quite some time though. if you follow me on itch then you'll be able to see when GMKC updates :)

whoops, sorry it took me so long to reply - in the demo there is no adrian route! he takes a while to warm up to people so you can't date him right off the bat. sorry!!

thank you!!

ah i'm so glad to hear it made you feel cozy!! :)

thank you so much! i'm so glad you enjoyed :)

thank you!!

thank you so much, that's so sweet!!

thank you!


aw i'm so glad! much love :)

aw i'm really sorry it's upsetting, but also you don't have to kiss any characters you don't want to! two character routes require you to *ask* if you can kiss them but you can opt out of the actual kissing

i'm so glad we could give you some relief. take care <3

thank you so much, glad you enjoyed!!

aw thanks so much, glad you enjoyed!

thank you!! if the problem is not being able to afford it you can send me an email at and i can hook you up with a download key :)

awh i'm so glad to hear!!

aw thank YOU!!

thanks so much!!

heads up, when i try to download the pc version it says "invalid upload"

thanks so much! if you can't afford the full game you can always email me at and i can get you hooked up with a download :)

aww thank you!!

wow high praise!! glad i could make you laugh :D