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thank you!

ps if you can't afford the full game, email me at and i'll send you a download key

email me at, i'll send you a download key!

i don't know if the game engine i'm using has an option to do android builds, but i'll look into that

thank you, i'm so glad you enjoyed!!

that's what i told the musicians!!! they really knocked it outta the park :)

thanks so much!

not in the demo, but in the full version yes! he's pretty slow to warm up to people so i felt it was unrealistic to be able to romance him on the first in-game day, but we have a storyline planned for him that includes the option for romance :)

hey that's a really good note, and i'm so very sorry for triggering your dysphoria! i definitely made a couple of really thoughtless assumptions-- i'm a transmasc person with bottom dysphoria who prefers to top so i would have chosen to play with an "outie", and i think i subconsciously projected my experience onto other trans people, which was not very considerate of me at all! trying to write inclusive sex that allows for a variety of bodies and experiences has been a challenge, so i really appreciate the critique. something a friend suggested which i didn't have time to implement was for the player-character to have the option to use a strap-on in that scene-- does that seem like a good solution to you?

i also definitely agree about giving more options to tap out of sex acts, as the game currently only allows people to tap out at the *start* of the sex scene. allowing players to both give and rescind consent to sex is really important to me, so i will be more conscientious of this when working on the full game. thanks!

thank YOU for this incredibly sweet comment!

i'm really sorry that's how it came across! that was never the intention and honestly i love jolene just as much as all the other characters, hoo was actually my favorite to write. hoo's abrasive personality is certainly not a reflection of my or heather's feelings about neopronouns, which i fully support, and have tried out in the past myself! jolene might be a little annoying but to me is still lovable and worthy of respect and community, and i personally don't like writing all my queer characters to be friendly and sweet,  because i think we should be allowed to be abrasive and messy and difficult. jolene is also a little bit of a self-drag, because i can be a bit pretentious and use 10 words when 2 would do, and am kind of a dick sometimes when i really want someone to be my friend.

i hope this helps and i'm so sorry that our game made you feel othered. (also sorry this reply is so late. for some reason i don't get notifications when someone posts on this page, so i only see them when i remember to check.)

fuck yea it is

this reply is so late but thank you so much!! i'm really glad you got to play ☺️

thank you!

i prefer to keep my games on just because itch treats creators fairly and has a business model that i respect :)

thank you!

thank you, so glad you enjoyed!

thank you so much!!

yes, although i haven't had much time to work on it recently!

thank you so much, i'm glad you enjoyed!!

not sure yet!

thank you!

i'm just giving the people what they want 😌

gosh thank you so much! i hope you're also having a lovely day!!

aw thank you! i'm a big fan of dream daddy so this is high praise 🥰

thank you so much!!

thank YOU for the kind words! glad you enjoyed!!

thank you!

thank you so much!

aw gosh i'm so glad!

ikr i'm so proud of our musicians!

wow i'm so stoked! thanks for playing!!


aw i'm so glad it could be a cozy experience for you!!

look the sun is hot ok

thank you so much, gosh <3

haha you're welcome! can i ask who michael petsnack is?

thank you!

aw jeez thanks so much!!

thank you!

thanks so much! the game is still pretty early in development, so it's hard to say when it will be done. i probably won't put out an updated demo because that would take time that would be better spent finishing the game!

thank you so much!