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Aaaaaaa I'm super duper happy that I made your day!! ^o^
And oooooo okay, that'd be cool! I'll make sure to email you about the printed copy, and in the future of other works C: I looked at GENDERWRECKED, it looks amazing! :3 Thank YOU for your sweet comment, it made my morning ^w^ Your artwork is amazing! 

<3 Rain

Hi hi hi! Gaaahhhh I loved this comic! Sorry I couldn't pay much more than the minimum, I was lucky to barely have enough left on my paypal! I'm a transmasculine demiboy witch (also they/them) and sometimes I feel left out of the craft as well, but this comic made me so happy!! <3 This comic made me so happy and I might print a physical copy so I can read it whenever I feel down; your art is beautiful and I'd love to support you in any way I can! C: I hope you have a wonderful day!!!! 

<3 Rain