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I can't believe it. I remember that last time I was the first one who commend your first 0.98 beta release in youtube. Now you develope it even more perfect. Keep it up! I will give more suggestions to your game soon or later. Bookmarked this page already.

Very happy to hear people coming back and praising the game changes :) feel free to suggest any ideas you may have! 

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As I mentioned before, you skip some old techniques from previous original Stick Soldier games such as:
1. Slow Motion button: Slow everything in the map, including objects and sprites
2. Drop Jetpack button: You can drop jetpack to detonate enemies beneath sooner than waiting until it completely depletes
3. Battle Armor: Similar to health bar, increase durability

A bugs found: When you try to edit new 2d map then come back to main menu, the map editor is still there instead of showing fight intro
Plus, did I miss it or there is no jumping pad (bouncing even grenades from grenade launcher) in this game?

Since you already have a very impressive fundamental map editor, why not allowing players to edit their weapon and sound and even armor? Stick Soldier 2 has tons of mods which gives incredible amounts of new weapons such as melee, laser, plasma weapons and even troll-looking weapons by editing resources (not by any built-in editor). Ultimately, a weapon rating board similar to map rating should be somewhere in the menu as nice addition.

New weapons suggestions:
1. Chain Lightning Gun: Slowly damage nearby enemies
2. Beretta: Slower but more powerful than pistol
3. Railgun/Mini-gun: You know what that it
4. Plasma Gun: Projectile can pierce though enemies, either better or worse than flame thrower
5. Knife: One hit kill close combat.
6. Chainsaw: Quickly damage close combat.
7. Grenade Launcher: Bouncing grenades release.
8. Sticky Bomb: Throw a sticky bomb, can be remotely detonate.
9. Laser Gun: You know what that it

New armor suggestions:
1. Body Armor: 50% bonus
2. Power Armor: 100% bonus

New powerup sugesstions:
1. Helmet: Can't be headshot
2. Health Pill (Already in game): You should change it to restore only 50%
3. First Air Kit: restore 100% health
4. Invincible Shield: Take no damage after short time
5. Fire Shield: You can not attack, increase movement speed but can damage surrounding enemies

New game mode and enemy type suggestions:
1. Zombie Mode: Nah, that would be bad idea
2. Stick War (Campaign Mode): something like cartoon war in android, but that would not necessary though

That's all for now. I hope you can digest these slowly. That's just suggestions so don't take them so seriously. Time is golden, man.

Slow motion is there! Use caps lock or F2. It is only in offline game though (disabled in networked match).

Armor is in the making, it will be part of the next update. 

Now fixing the main menu bug, thanks for reporting it! 

I'll think about the other suggestions. Thanks for the ideas! 


I will keep suggesting new things here only after specific updates, also to avoid double-post.